Back Stab

Back Stab

A man is seduced by a stranger and awakens to a corpse.

An architect goes to bed with a seductive stranger only to awaken beside the corpse of his boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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elias b (jp) wrote: This is a heart warming tale. Jessica Alba isn't just sexy. This is top notch acting in a tear jerker movie. She also narrates the movie. Jessica does have a sexy voice.

Rob M (au) wrote: Yet another typically slapdash, amateurish effort from the After Dark Horrorfest series. In this film from the fest's second iteration, a group of survivors finds itself living in the cleanest post-apocalyptic setting ever, holed up in a hospital and trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy. When two of their number rescue a stranger from an unknown assailant and bring her into the fold, the survivors find themselves fending off a group of cannibals who apparently just escaped from the local Renaissance Fair.Somehow director Mark Young corralled some reasonably legitimate talent (Rachel Miner, Rider Strong, Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen) into what is otherwise a shoddy, poorly-written thriller. There isn't a real scare to be had during the movie's entire running time, and the laughable dialogue derails any interest we might have in the characters. In other words, it's a typical Horror Fest offering.

II I (fr) wrote: Loved it saw it a few days ago the Actors and the Movie were amazing

Fer D (jp) wrote: Muy martirizante. Se vuelve pesada. La msica hiperemotiva no ayuda y por el contrario subraya la emocin que resulta chocante. Los personajes provocan cierta empata y cierto desagrado. Pese a la depresin desbordante, tiene puntos interesantes: un manejo de actores notable y una trama que va envolviendo en una realidad masoquista con el espectador.

Harry W (nl) wrote: As Honey dresses Jessica Alba up in a tanktop and has her dance enough to bouncer her upper body around enough, it can be safe to assume that Honey's sole source of praise will come from elements of visual appeal, by which I mean Jessica Alba's sex appeal.That's essentially a safe assumption because as predicted Honey is merely another generic dance flick which holds nothing but skin deep visual appeal to its viewers. It has no interesting story which it clearly borrows from Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo only without being solely focused on breakdancing. For the right viewer, Honey would be almost inspiring at best. Almost. Emphasis on that word.Honey contains a decent soundtrack, some minorly uplifting dance numbers and an attractive lead from Jessica Alba, but aside from that there is nothing much more to appeal. I mean, its well filmed and well editied and such, but its plot and script and generic and bland, as is its lead Jessica Alba. Like I said, she?s attractive and all, and she can dance well but her line delivery is like some kind of 16 year old girl babysitting, convincing the child she is watching to have fun and telling the parents that she is good at her job. There is no real feel that she is anything more than just another actress told to look good and dance for the cameras, and had she not starred in more high-profile films that?s exactly what she would have become. Honey depicts largely what Jessica Alba is all about, for better or for worse.David Moscow does not in the slightest manage to convince me that he is in fact a music video director. I could believe that he thinks he is, but that is in no way good enough to constitute casting him.So there is nothing to impress in terms of casting, and the entirety of Honey is shallow with lacklustre writing and a poor directional effort from Bille Woodruff who clearly had learned no talents beyond music videos and should no longer bother trying.

alex l (ag) wrote: best movie by the minds of blue sjy

Dale W (mx) wrote: At first, the dialogue annoyed me and I couldn't see where this was going, but as the film progressed I liked the way that the two characters changed and interpreted each other. It's hard to follow and it's not for everyone, but it's worth a watch.

Branham N (us) wrote: A very underrated film, and I really don't know why.

Pan C (au) wrote: A real recommendation for those who love the fast paced action of Lawrence of Arabia and a story almost as great as that of Dances with Wolves. Features acting as great and dramatic as Twilight, and well, more crappy things. Tries to go for a political message, but is too detached from both the message itself and the audience to get something across. I'd like to say it's not too bad, but it's an action flick, and there's lots and lots of formula work out there that beats this movie about a red scorpion that manages to disappear from one scene to the next. Dolph Lundgrens learned to act a bit much later in his carreer, and has made some enjoyable movies, this is not one of them, despite the quite reasonable budget.

Hobie P (us) wrote: Terrible movie,and an infant must see! Plus the DVD-RIP of my copy the quality is crisp clean.

Private U (br) wrote: One of the worst films I've seen. Well enough acted but the script was agonising. The songs seemed to be irrelevant and although nicely sung, immensely boring. A complete let down from funny girl.

Jake P (it) wrote: Cabiria is a character of immense tragedy & heartbreak. Her life is hard but she has hope & light. Many times the lights fade to black, sometimes they flicker back on revealing a spirit of tremendous strength.

Alexandre F (ca) wrote: One of my favourite first spy movie.

Raji K (kr) wrote: Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde star in The Longest Week. Bateman is Conrad Valmont, the son of wealthy parents that has recently been cut off. Despite being unable to continue his lavish lifestyle, he pretends to do so instead. He comes across Beatrice Fairbanks (Wilde) and the two hit it off much to the chagrin of his best friend Dylan Tate (Billy Crudup) who is also interested in her. Over the course of a week the two go through quite a bit of dating, sex and seem hopelessly in love. Conrad's therapist Barry tries to ease him into the relationship as Conrad has a history of not valuing women or finding he has no luck with them. He still continues to hide that he is broke even there are several moments where he should give up the charade. The story does not offer much beyond this romance over the course of the week. In so many ways the Longest Week was like a poorly made Wes Anderson film. The film's narrator seems just like one from a film and the cutting and styling of the film has his sense of timing. The film's director Peter Glanz however falls well short of coming close to the genius of Anderson or making the film original or entertaining enough to stand on his own merit. Despite a decent cast the film felt like it did not meet the potential it could have and likely will leave the audience feeling disconnected. It is not surprising this film fell way below the radar. -1.26.2017

David M (au) wrote: Had the look & feel of one of those cheesy-made-for-TV Lifetime movies. Even with the fairly controversial, heavy themes this movie explores I found it pretty insipid.