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An ex-cop finds himself caught up in a battle between Japanese mobsters and local gangland thugs and discovers that he was framed for wrong-doings by a corrupt cop.

An ex-cop finds himself caught up in a battle between Japanese mobsters and local gangland thugs and discovers that he was framed for wrong-doings by a corrupt cop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mehek A (fr) wrote: It was a very very good ending. However the movie was not as good when the dog was not there. I wish there was more time with the dog.

Sean L (nl) wrote: The lightweight, feel-good saga of a man carelessly adrift in middle age without really recognizing how beleaguered he's become. A half-slate at the local community college opens new horizons and introduces him to colorful, inspirational new figures, which he takes in stride admirably. It's soft rock for the cinema, a shallow little story that's aloof and happy but not terribly gripping or important. Tom Hanks is fine in the lead role, throwing back to the classic everyman archetype that brought him fame and fortune, and his chemistry with Julia Roberts (a bitter, icy communications professor) is more comfortable and real than what we saw in their previous collaboration, 2007's Charlie Wilson's War. Beyond a few passages that may or may not have come from a pamphlet on existentialism and a few strangely unexplored plot threads, there's very little to it. Mildly funny, warm and friendly, it's also quite bland and thoroughly whitewashed.

Aaron M (au) wrote: What a refreshing watch. I never expected this movie to be any good when it started up but its so nevering and such an uncomfortable watch. Its got a matter of realism too it in what is an excellent British horror movie. There were some excellent performances by Reilly, Fassbender and O'Connell which only enhanced this movies cringeworthiness. Its an intense movie which is bound to be one of the best horrors I have seen in recent years.

Screen N (us) wrote: interesting biography of an entertaining thinker

Chintamani J (br) wrote: certainly 'peach' of a movie

Seth B (fr) wrote: Stupid, predictable. Its pretty much the same as School for Scoundrels except its not as funny. Sean William Scott is down right annoying. Don't waste your time.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Apart from having a different plot there's not allot that feels fresh but if you're a fan of the others then it will be enough to enjoy.


Nathaniel B (us) wrote: Not very good. Maybe I was disappointed with who the killer ended up being. I was expecting a big twist, but didn't get it. And it was entertaining enough to make up for the lack of a good twist.

John P (br) wrote: It's terrible. God, it's SO terrible! I couldn't stand it when I first saw it.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: I despise country music.

Wade F (ca) wrote: its not good, though the fight between Clark and Superman is pretty boss

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: "Seven Samurai" has crashed into "Star Wars" and Roger Corman was their to film it all. I liked the Nestor. The ship looks like balls.

Nathan R (gb) wrote: Honestly couldn't even finish this one.

Paulo A (jp) wrote: The Big Short is arguably the best financial movie and one of the best movies I've ever seen, the acting is unprecedented, and they way the movie tries to explain the origins of the 2008 housing crisis in a "dumb it down" way with some funny analogies and moments throughout the movie deserves nothing but a huge amount of praise. In conclusion, this movie is a masterpiece and everyone, interested or not in economics, should watch it get a better grasp of what happened that changed our lives in 2008.