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An Army colonel leads a guerrilla campaign against the Japanese in the Philippines.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cannon,   explosion,   battle,  

This World War II film sees American army colonel Joseph Madden (John Wayne) stationed in the Philippines to organize an underground resistance movement against the Japanese invaders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek W (ag) wrote: Beautifully shot and acted but ultimately disheartening and disappointing.

Alison P (gb) wrote: If you are in your mid-20s or so, you know characters like the lead guy. Perhaps you are the protagonist yourself. This film embodies that ambiguous, tumultuous void that post-college springs on us, while countering it with a subtle message of hope.

Tristan F (br) wrote: Paul Schrader redoes American Gigolo in a Washington DC setting and makes a satisfying thriller that doubles as an engaging character study. At first Woody Harrelson's performance might seem too mannered, playing the gay confidante of politicians' wives as a fey Southerner, but it soon convinces, particularly as his world is deconstructed through the involvement of a murder plot.

Rags M (gb) wrote: WOW! Finally, someone is smart enough to make a thoroughly engaging and inspiring documentary about the plight of Afro-Brazilians. To use the old cliche, this is a film about a group of young men who were handed lemon filled life and decided to make lemonade out of them lemons!

Garrett C (it) wrote: I really enjoyed the Tristram sections of this film, and I wish they had done a lot more of those than they did, since I felt the "making of" segments drug on too long and were generally unfunny the majority of the time despite how interesting they could be at their best.

Stefan G (kr) wrote: While it's certainly no classic, Dragonslayer is exactly the kind of film that delivers on its promise - an imaginative fantasy spectacle with both a magical visual palette and the ability to evoke the Dark Ages through the medium of fantasy. The story does go a little bit off the track sometimes, but it's focused enough that the magic doesn't get lost. The performances were convincing enough, and although characters weren't always interesting, their performances were. Everything about the film seems to echo the fantastical side of the Dark Ages, though it also seems to reflect on those times as an era of superstition and lunacy, and it does this very well. The visuals are impressive, with a fully fleshed-out medieval world right before the viewer. Along with that, the film presents a wide array of special effects that, though they seem a little outdated by today's standards, still manage to impress. In fact, the film's dragon exemplifies the kind of beast that people in the Dark Ages would have feared. On the whole, the film is a very entertaining show of superstition, and that is the most important of the film's strengths because it outweighs all the flaws.

Wut S (br) wrote: Based on a real Berlin brothel used by the SD for espionage purposes before and during World War II.Sex with a decapitated midget, pigs slaughtering, Nazi indoctrination, Hitler obsession. . . in the midst of this madness, there emerges love, maternal wisdom, submissive philosophy, and spicy, revengeful justice in Salon Kitty.Though well-known for his sexploitation films, Tinto Brass' Salon Kitty is less dependent on its pornographic notoriety, and more on glamorizing female integrity and humaneness, even though they are whores. The director's talent in both storytelling and its conceptualization really shines in this film. The use of Nazi as a symbol for tyranny against Madame Kitty's inner dignity and beauty is sensational.Heroines are whores.

Kat L (gb) wrote: am i the only person here who can climb out of their own ass for long enough to say what a pile of pseudo intellectual shit this is?pretentious and damned boring.

Patryk C (us) wrote: With its subtle political subtext, Pickup of South Street comes as one of the most violent noir movies. The suspense is smoothly building up until the last, crucial minutes. After a pickpocketing job went wrong, when a man stole a purse, which contained very valuable government information, people end up dead. Only the guy in possession of the precious object is the one, who can actually stop the whole farce. But because of his stubbornness and foolish attitude, more and more people become involved in the awful multinational affair. Yet after a few meetings with a beautiful young woman, he finally changes his mind, which brings the whole story to a truly climatic climax, and one of the most frightening subway fights in the history of movies. Some fine acting, and very decent cinematography.

roger t (ru) wrote: note: available at ewing....

Sanal R (it) wrote: A smart, stylish and tight-knit gangster movie with every signature of being a Coen Brothers movie.

Kristen P (au) wrote: Great film. Helen Mirren is badass.

Cigs J (it) wrote: Bryan Cranston does a splendid turn as the talented but stubborn Dalton Trumbo. He wrote Sparcatus, Roman holiday and other oscar winning films. He was an avowed communist even though he was one of the richest men in Hollywood at the time. Then the communist witch hunts began and he was jailed for a year. After that he, along with thousands of others were blacklisted. He had to revert to penning his work as his friends output or anonymously. But he was so talented that Holywood bosses took a blind eye. The anti-communist committee was still persecuting people right up to 1975.

Juan V (jp) wrote: It is a good movie and yes it is intended for a young audience! I am 46 and I got to say I enjoyed the action scenes...