Back To School

Back To School

Self-made millionaire Thornton Melon decides to get a better education and enrolls at his son Jason's college. While Jason tries to fit in with his fellow students, Thornton struggles to gain his son's respect, giving way to hilarious antics.

Self-made wealthy guy Thornton Melon decides he needs a better education, and also to spend some time away from his cheating new wife. Thornton then decides to enter the school as a student himself, and becomes a big hit on campus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom T (nl) wrote: More serious than I thought it be. Shit was real though

Bill R (de) wrote: The first 20 min. is a conga line dance and you wonder if there is any plot. The plot is about the reminiscences of a 65 year old journalist who wrote a so so intellectual book 30 years ago, and then became an interesting person to have at parties, and funerals. The acting is good, but the plot is thinly attached to this Ode to Fellini.

Private U (gb) wrote: deeply and truely heart broken, grief and nice voice makes you significantly moved.

Calum B (kr) wrote: As suggested by its title the film is a sequel to the late nineties Hit flick "EAST IS EAST". But it really doesn't matter if you haven't seen its first part as the movie is quite self explanatory for the viewer, without depending much on its original. Clearing the confusion which might be there looking at its promos, it's an English film with a regular use of Punjabi language throughout its almost 2 hours of duration and has some great soulful tracks in Punjabi too.Where EAST IS EAST was more English, witty and entertaining, its present sequel is more traditional, emotional and meaningful in comparison. In the first part (released in 1999), the script revolved around the youngster's fast life in England, but in its present new version, the family visits their mother land, Pakistan and tastes the traditional way of life in a village. For the viewers not familiar with the story, WEST IS WEST is basically about Om Puri (who was a Pakistani national), now happily settled in England, with his new family looked after by his second wife who is a loving British Lady. After few incidents of his youngest son being bullied in the school and also getting caught for shop lifting, Om decides to take him to Pakistan and introduce him to his own culture. And there we get to see some impressive transforming sequences involving everyone in the family.The film doesn't excite you enough in its first 10 minutes but as soon as the family reaches Pakistan, the pace picks up and some new interests are generated by the script. But here I would like to mention that apart from a few comic scenes mostly dealing with the language conflicts, WIW is not a comedy film from any angle. In fact that is a wrong kind of promotion strategy followed by its makers. As a result all the viewers opting for it taking it as a Brit-Asian comedy are going to be disappointed for sure.On the contrary, WIW is a true to life, emotional depiction of the trauma faced by a torn personality living abroad who still has his heart caught somewhere in his mother land. It has some interesting characters like that of a Sufi Saint, a young wandering boy, a 'trying to be honest' relative who speaks broken English and many more. The director, Andy De Emmony beautifully captures the emotional distress of four of his characters in particular. Om Puri, who still can't make up his mind and always feels confused between his two families living in different countries following extremely diverse traditions. Ila Arun, his first wife, who is unwillingly living her life in a Pakistani Village still waiting for her husband to return. Linda Bassett, his second wife who is a loving British national and a very understanding, caring women willing to empathize with Ila and her helpless situation. And Aqid Khan, the youngest son of Om-Linda, who gracefully tries to study his father's country and its tradition but at the end has to return for his own future.The film becomes a watchable effort mainly because of the splendid performances by these four actors. Especially watch out for the highly sensitive and impactful portrayal of an aging lady by Ila Arun who has undoubtedly given one of career best performances in the movie. Just look for a particular scene where both Ila and Linda are together on the screen and Ila gives her consent for her husband's return to England.Along with its expressive cast, WIW has a great ethnic soundtrack with few fabulous tracks by Sai Zahoor (famous for his Coke Studio songs), who also makes a cameo in the film. Thankfully the Music CD of the film also has the Coke Studio versions of his songs which were earlier not available in the market. The background score, which also features in its CD, brilliantly gels with the village sequences shown on the screen and cinematography rightly captures the mood of the film.However the film does have its own drawbacks and also doesn't have a universal appeal. It has a dropping pace and lacks the entertainment quotient since there are not enough enjoyable or comic sequences in the film as expected. So the viewers who are not willing to watch some meaningful cinema may get bored with its off-beat kind of subject and treatment.But still, it's a different kind of experience, moving a step ahead from its first part. And hence I would like to rate it as a better sequel since it is able to deal with the emotional outbursts of its characters in an impressive way.

Ron O (ru) wrote: This is deep, funny, and real! This is what keeping it 100 is all about!

leeroy c (jp) wrote: enjoyable flick - Allen's concepts are always more interesting than his characterisations, the latter, superficial vessels for his POV. As a doom and gloom atheist myself, there was plenty there to relate to and enjoy, but the whole 'old curmudgeon meets young muse' schtick has become a little tired.

Tony G (us) wrote: This film was pretty out there. Can't believe people dedicate their lives to this shit as they wait for a "break". Quite good film though.

Rich R (ag) wrote: In it's brilliant simplicity this may be one of the enduring best movies I've ever seen.

John R (gb) wrote: Sometimes it's just best not to ask too many questions. Don't ask the question why for example, especially during this film. Some fun to be hand. Three, perhaps four, rival gangs beat and shoot the hell out of each other while Django, or should I call him "Texas" bounces around between them. All in the name of money and gold, and perhaps a woman (Linda). Why Django changes his mind at the end...oops, didn't I say not to ask why? Enjoyed "Nervous". For a mute, Pedro has a relatively big impact. And then, there's the beautiful but overlooked Delores, who plays only a small part. What was Django thinking passing up that opportunity? Some serious stunt falls during this film. Full of bad bandits who have no problem killing women and children, and then making fun of the dead. Ah, what's the point? Damn, asking questions again.

Sylvester K (us) wrote: Exactly what the consensus described, this is the mother of the zombie films. A must watch for the Zombie fans

Paul D (de) wrote: Gold Rush western with a gritty love interest and a good turn for Edward G Robinson.

Audrey T (ag) wrote: jessica alba rocks!!!=]btw was it a porn [email protected]@XD

Harry W (mx) wrote: William's portrayal of Sy "the Photo Guy" is so refreshingly sinister for him that he definitely carries the whole film. I think most people would be attracted to the film simply because of the ingenious idea behind the casting. His performance is severely underrated as is the film - I hadn't ever heard about it before watching it. People really should talk about One Hour Photo more. The Fatal Attraction-esque themes of insatiable obsession and dark and driven want are evident for sure. Williams' character is so fascinating to watch, however its hard for its audience to decide if he is three-dimensional on purpose or is it just an example of unsteady pacing and inconsistent character development? I hope and certainly believe that it is the former. The reason I can't give One Hour Photo a higher rating is because the ending is so rushed and extremely anti-climactic; just as the film really dives into a fun and terrifyingly fast pace it collapses with a fizzle rather than going off with a bang. Everything else is astounding.