Back to Stay

Back to Stay

Marina, Sofia and Violeta deal differently with the death of their grandmother.

Buenos Aires at the end of summer. Marina, Sofia and Violeta are alone in the family home after their grandmother, who had brought them up, has died. They have to come to terms with her death, each in her own way. Marina concentrates on her studies while looking after the household, whereas Sofia becomes obsessed by her appearance and goes out with friends. As for Violeta, she wanders around between bedroom and sitting room where, from time to time, she receives an older man. Discord, laughter, meanness, gestures of affection determine the rhythm of this period of uncertainty, until one day in autumn Violeta disappears without warning. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo R (au) wrote: Magic Mike could have been sexy, interesting and credible, but the dances become repetitive and the characters turn boring.

craig m (gb) wrote: strange film very slow moving but has a few good bits

Cristian G (au) wrote: Linda a pesar de los drag queens

Maymay A (au) wrote: City of God isn't only a brilliant film just because of how well it was created, but more of because it delivers an important message to the world.

Timothy N (nl) wrote: Pleasant feel good movie emphasizing power of kindness towards fellow man through usage of mentally handicapped. Even though the premise has been used over and over, the heart of the movie is portrayed well.

David D (jp) wrote: I saw this film at one of Crispin Glover's personal appearances where he reads from his books and answers outraged audience questions. The outrage doesn't stem from the books, but from a film he shows alonside the readings that can best be described as "experimental". In part, it is a symbolic film, open to individual interpretation. It's also follows the dadaists and surrealists in its desire to shock the "bourgeoisie" - if only such a class still existed. The film has three sections: the first features young actors with Downs Syndrome doing things (it's hard to figure out exactly what as they are mostly incomprehensible) and the start of a repeating motif of snails, which are constantly crushed or salted during the film; the second takes place in the lead character's subconscious: a fantasy marshland with Glover as the Ego, a man with cerebral palsy as the Id (he arrives in a clam shell pulled by a naked woman wearing an elephant head) and several naked black women with monkey heads carrying watermelons; the third takes place in the living room of a Spanish-style house with Glover, two concubines played by women with Downs Syndrome, a man with Downs Syndrome dressed as a Roman emperor and a black and white minstrel. The film cuts between these different scenes, but it's difficult to say what it's all about. Obviously about transgression: there are racist and sexist elements (playing a song by Johnny Rebel called "Niggers Never Die" ("They just smell that way.") while a naked woman wearing a monkey head stimulates the genitals of the cerebral palsied Id ranks high up there); Glover wears a fur coat; a pedophilic painting of Shirley Temple with swastikas; etc., etc. I don't think I'm jaded because I can be offended by things, but maybe because it was so obvious what he was doing I had trouble taking it seriously. After a while, the snail massacre got a little boring too. Interestingly, amongst all the taboo-breaking (racism, sexism, pedophilia, fur-wearing, exploitation, etc.) it's the rather harmless snail killing that provoked the most outrage (although the grossest snail head severing had a woman loudly guffawing behind me). I suppose in that sense the film succeeds.

Jason J (ag) wrote: Surprisingly good underrated comedy about two Star Trek fans and their meeting wth William Shatner. He takes the piss out of himself and shows he has a great sense of humour. This movie is for the geek inside you that loves Star Trek.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Familiar formula has man travelling to Manila to investigate his brother's mysterious death. Began a curious trend for Corman in casting kickboxers for movies, which could lead one to falsely assume kickboxing was once a mainstream sport. Title and plot seem to be constructed to deliberately confuse the viewer with BLOODSPORT.

alex s (ru) wrote: Have seen the film 40+ times and know everything thing that happens in the film, the words, what happens in a few secons, the detail. the aircraft scenes are excellent and the ways inwhich they have been produced for the camera. I also love the music in the film. they do not do it on cd etc thought there might be a LP somewhere. Maurice Jarre done the music. Clint Eastwood makes the film, best actor. Good in all the films he does including space cowboys, kellys heros, where eagles dare etc.

Sanity Assassin (ag) wrote: bags of energy which is great but with an impossible and improbable heist as well as a lame ending (what's the message of the story? a sicilian always wins?) the last half of the film puts a dampner on what could've been so much better!

JamesMasaki R (de) wrote: ??????is one of Kenji Mizoguchi's longest films, is not considered alongside his masterpieces of later years, but is one of his best and one of the most memorable of his 1930s works. Like "Titanic", "Beauty and the Beast" or countless other love stories, it is a love story of an young actor from a distinguished theater family, and a female helper from the countryside. Beautifully directed, including a few very long takes of letting the actors go expressively, it is also a tragedy with heartbreak and tragedy.

Corey n (nl) wrote: This is a fun adventure film from 1939. The films stars Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks as three British soldiers in India. With a fellow Indian waterbearer dreaming of being a soldier they take down a evil Thuggee cult. The three main actors are great in this. They play a great group of buddies and soldiers. The film has a nice mix of action and comedy. Now I know this old film will not compare to current action films. But it was still well done for the time it was made. I really enjoyed this. Well worth a watch for Cary Grant fans and for those who enjoy a solid old action adventure films.

Kenny N (ru) wrote: To quote Ayn Rand, "There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil." In this masterpiece of horror and suspense, there is a distinct blurring between right and wrong. The man who makes Ned Beatty "squeal like a pig" is one of the greatest villains in film history, despite his relatively short screen time, because he represents an ugly, dark underbelly to human nature. The rest of the film (although that one scene will stay with you forever) is an excellent survival caper. Not for the weak of mind or the faint of heart, but ultimately a shocking, visceral filmgoing experience.

Tim M (jp) wrote: Released the same year as "They Live" but nowhere near as good. If Carpenter directed this and Keith David co-starred it could be entertaining. I like the idea and the story, but it's poorly executed.

Matt H (au) wrote: Absolutely Hilarious! I can't believe this is the first I've heard of this. If you like Andy Sandberg, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Napoleon Dynamite, you'll love this movie.

Humphrey O (fr) wrote: This is one of the worst of 2015, storyline is kind of confused, and indeed not funny at all, waste of money and time. Not worth watching, unless you are stoned and looking for something to watch.

Sydney C (gb) wrote: One the funniest film ever.