Back to the Beyond

Back to the Beyond

When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting dramatized on a classic television series, they encounter a sinister supernatural force thought to be fictional.

When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting dramatized on a classic television series, they encounter a sinister supernatural force thought to be fictional. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Back to the Beyond torrent reviews

Robert H (gb) wrote: Nice documentary about an interesting time in music history. Some of the interviews are very genuine and others felt a little less than honest. Worth watching after "Control".

Alex T (gb) wrote: Enjoyable, and typically senseless Liam Neeson action film, with a interesting story. All good fun.

Kim W (ca) wrote: I expected this movie to be more fun than it was. Definitely not a "feel good" movie, though it doesn't end with the particular tragedy that I expected it to...

Private U (fr) wrote: Brilliant and disturbing interpretation of Leopold & Loeb. Great cinematography and honest performances from the cast. The "artsy" elements add a beautiful feeling of insanity.

Brandon S (us) wrote: While looking over the VHS section at my local Goodwill I happened upon this little number, Trick or Treat from 1986. The movie boasts that it stars Ozzy Osborne and Gene Simmons where in truth they are only in the film for like 5 minutes combined. The story is hilarious, it is definitely an 80's movie that captures the horribly terrific hair metal of the time. I would say that this movie was worth the 99 cents I paid for it. Pure eighty's trash in all of its glory. The first thing that I noticed is that this movie is distributed by Lorimar home video, the same company that released such hits as Family Matters, ThunderCats, Full House, and yes... Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. That alone made this a must watch right off the bat. The story is about a devil worshiping dead rock star, Sammi Curr, who perishes in a hotel fire. His number one fan gets his hands on a rare demo that Curr made and actually summons the rock star back from the dead to do his bidding over the radio waves. A pretty stupid storyline and pretty forgettable movie. The soundtrack is provided by Fastway, a go nowhere band from the eighties. Go look them up if you want too, I think their biggest hit was Say What You Will from 1983. The movie doesn't star Ozzy or the Demon, it stars Marc Price from Family Ties, Doug Savant, Alice Nunn, and Tommy Fields (A Chorus Line and Solid Gold dancer) as Sammi Curr. The movie is full of unintentional comedy. If you are in the mood for a crappy eighties movie then I suggest that you pull up a seat and get ready to laugh at this one with some of your friends. The special effects in this movie are passable, it gets the job done. The movie is just so stupid that it really overshadows anything that would be a good remark about it. I am going to give Trick or Treat a 1 of 10. The movie has a fun laughable quality to it and that is about it. There is nothing here that would ever make me want to watch this again. Like I said though it was worth the 99 cents to add to my VHS collection. Watch it with some of your friends before you watch something like Slumber Party Massacre, they're in about the same league. RAGMAN!!! S!D

Jerry B (fr) wrote: Indianapolis was my first fascination as a 7 year old. Well that and Teresa Baby of course!!! The cars are the star of this movie, 1967-68. Just beautiful!! And there's Paul Newman to keep the girls interested...

Simon D (de) wrote: It wasn't until about half way through this that I realised that Hitchcock wasn't focusing on telling an interesting, twisted story, as he usually does but more on making a film shot in a single shot ( I think). At least from the point I noticed this it was all a single shot. So Birdman owes a lot to this film. I prefer a decent story though, and this isn't one.

Sui G (it) wrote: Funny! Good cast, too!!

Tania A (us) wrote: "Hey put the crowbar down, or I will blow your ass to fucktown!" The type of movie we're used of seeing Ashton Kutcher in, although I must say I know he can do better. Some good one liners, but that was it. Tara Reid was there for her looks, not her acting...

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Used car lots across the street from each other engage in an escalating war. Heavy on used car salesman stereotype jokes. Has its moments.