Back to the USSR - takaisin Ryssiin

Back to the USSR - takaisin Ryssiin

It is glasnost in the USSR. Reima August is the last communist. A lonely outcast that does not agree with the new world around him.

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Back to the USSR - takaisin Ryssiin torrent reviews

Arslan K (jp) wrote: Best mission impossible movie in the series.

Yifan C (de) wrote: 40 years later, still that bad. A star for the hot girls.

John B (gb) wrote: Tries too hard. I remember when I saw it at the time that I thought it tried too hard to be another indie film but I can't recall the comparison film so I'll leave it at that. Too much indie. Not enough goodness.

Sierra W (de) wrote: Dumb movie, but charmingly unapologetic in its stupidity.

Matthew Y (us) wrote: Lighthearted comedy- bullock is likeable as always.

Private U (nl) wrote: My least favourite of the series ... but still a great movie.

Emeka W (us) wrote: Violent movie for its time but great film. Wings Hauser plays one sick character and has alot of fight to the end. If you like the cop getting the bad guy in the end....Your gonna love this.

L M (it) wrote: Nearly a perfect drama.