Back to the Woods

Back to the Woods

A 17th Century English judge orders three miscreants to defend the new British colonies in New England against the Indians. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Back to the Woods torrent reviews

Jay D (au) wrote: This is a disappointing piece of work if you have seen Subhash Kapoor's highly awesome & terrific Phas Gaye Re Obama. It has some great acting by Saurabh Shukla, Boman Irani & Arshad Warsi but script itself is so predictable & boring that court room drama pales when it ends. Also songs are forcibly included in the film. Even though being just 2 hours in length, I was barely impressed other than acting. Saurabh Shukla fans should definitely watch this film. One more star just for his acting.

Barry T (kr) wrote: A very interesting creepy horror. A man discovers the house he lives in was once the scene of a horrific murder and soon the spirits start to take over. Its well made and jumpy less than gory and overall highly effective

Gregory M (gb) wrote: I knew her story cause I'm a great fan of her and Harry Potter of course!But I liked watching it as a movie!A great woman,with a great personality and a great talent!I love her and thank her very much!

Red L (br) wrote: Watchable, but nothing special considering how many avenues witchcraft can open up.

Jotina R (mx) wrote: This profound, beautiful, spiritual & thrilling drama had me sitting on the edge of my seat has touched me in such a glorious way!

Brian W (ca) wrote: And no, it's not just because of Raquel's pose on the poster. I also want to see the sweet gun rig that I was told Robert Culp wears in it. Great classic cast too.

Jeff N (kr) wrote: Fans of Peter Jackson's Tolkien films will be satisfied, if only to see the stories finally wrap up. However, compared to past Tolkien, and even past Hobbit, films, "The Battle of the Five Armies" merely succeeded in tying the two trilogies together. The defeat of Smaug was quick and anti-climactic. Too much so. The film honestly seemed rushed, which is a shame. However, it wasn't all bad. The performances were as strong as ever, but given the changes to the general story and fatigue that has set in regarding this franchise, the true battle was with my interest.