Athens 1966. Dimitris, 13, unexpectedly loses his father. Seeing his pampered mother collapse, the boy gets carried away and decides to skip childhood in order to stand by her. When he feels ready, he has to claim his mother back from an up-and-coming star of the military regime. A brutal coming-of-age story, where Dimitris reacts in vengeance, changing thus the course of Greek history...

In 1966, after the death of his developer father, an Athens teenager enjoys hanging out with his friends and visiting a local prostitute, unaware his life is about to take a turn for the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheila V (nl) wrote: you dont know what going to happen until it happens....loved it

Varun V (au) wrote: better thn other salman's mvies ...

Thomas A (us) wrote: A satirical drama which pokes at the very heart of the Middle Eastern culture of animosity between Christians and Muslims.

Mark I (ca) wrote: sad and brutal documentary about solider Pat Tillman, and goes on to justify what a fucked up situation the Iraq war is and always will be.

Film C (au) wrote: Maybe my lack of understanding is what provides a low rating compared to its apparent popularity, but there is simply nothing to like about this pointless and uneventful movie about being disenchanted and disconnected with the world and people around you.

Edward K (ru) wrote: im giving it half a star for the blood but damn this movie was a piece of shit

Brian A (de) wrote: Joe Carroll's original "following."

Philip B (br) wrote: A sensational script, plot and score topped off by some amazing performances. Gary Sweet is terrific as The Fanatic, David Gameau does really well as The Follower in his debut film and, as always, David Gulpilil is out-of-this-world as The Tracker. See it.

Ben K (us) wrote: This is one of those great Hollywood epics they don't make anymore. I saw it a Jewish film festival and it's an interesting movie to reflect upon the birth of Israel. Cast a Giant Shadow tells the story of Mickey Marcus who as an American officer and lawyer who helped to create the Israeli army and also served as their first general. Of course they had to sex up the story for Hollywood but still their's great acting all around especially by John Wayne who was rarely better than he was here.

Lee H (ca) wrote: A touching story, especially for a war movie. The hero is an interesting mix of red-blooded soldier and a tender heart. The portrayal seems realistic especially compared to some other movies of that era. It also has some nuanced treatment of the moral questions around the existence of Japanese internment camps at the same time that many of Japanese descent were also patriotic Americans and even servicemen.

jay n (nl) wrote: A feast for the eyes this lush melodrama may be an acquired taste for some but I doubt anyone could say it wasn't visually stunning. Venice is rendered so beautifully you will want to hop the next flight there and with the composition of all the other scenes it is like watching a story take place inside of paintings. However as gorgeous as all that is it also can be distracting and take you out of the story as you study the detail which at times feels a bit surreal. Having only seen Alida Valli in her english language films where she often seemed stiff and ill at ease her performance here is quite a revelation. She is fully in command of the screen and her anguished turmoil is compelling to watch. Farley is not bad although his part really doesn't offer him more of a chance than to play a very handsome but contemptible bastard.

Rory P (de) wrote: Gives your moral compass a sturdy shake; which deserves a 4 star recommendation.But I have to be honest; there was something about the film that stopped it from being a personal favorite. I have yet to mentally verbalise why. When I do I'm sure I'll write it here.

Greg W (jp) wrote: A fine example of an old-fashioned heartwarming family film.

Ritchie B (br) wrote: I don't have a complex review, here. I think there was a piss poor writing job, here. The dialogue was loaded with useless manic gibberish... "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!...And then there are obvious dialogue that should have taken place. Why didn't they get to the bottom of Harry's adventure inside the sphere? That would have been something to tackle, if your sole purpose for the expedition is to disobey alien life.

Darren R (kr) wrote: Rob Lowe' s real life became his reel life with this thriller. Wonderful performances from he and James Spader. So good i would give it six stars if they'd let me.