An adolescent groupie zeroes in on her Blondie-like idol after the singer chances to cross her orbit on a publicity tour. Gradually their lives intertwine as, with near-operatic intensity, the film delves into the emotional dependency on both sides of celebrity culture.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paris france,   band,   fight,  

An adolescent groupie (Isild Le Besco) zeroes in on her Blondie-like idol (Emmanuelle Seigner) after the singer chances to cross her orbit on a publicity tour. Gradually their lives intertwine as, with near-operatic intensity, the film delves into the emotional dependency on both sides of celebrity culture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew G (de) wrote: Was a very good movie. I with they actually had the Joker in it though!:)

Josh M (mx) wrote: Average, I found the Nostalgia Critic review of the film funnier then the movie itself.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Winning Meryl Streep her second Academy Award for Best Actress, The Iron Lady sounded like a chance to pick up on who Margaret Thatcher truly was.A lot of the story in The Iron Lady feels rather artificial. There are multiple moments where Margaret Thatcher goes into monologues about her intentions or her ambitions. A good movie tends to have one monologue in it, or multiple that are better spread out. The Iron Lady has many of them coming into the film close together which just reinforces the fact that it is all scripted. While the cast and especially Meryl Streep continuously makes the material seem natural and compelling enough, as a whole a lot of the dialogue in the film is melodramatic and pushes the boundaries of the realism in the film which is already sketchy considering that The Iron Lady skims over a lot of history to fit the life of Margaret Thatcher into a time period of 104 minutes. The pacing of The Iron Lady rather gentle which allows more time for audiences to take in everything that is happening, and it is not too slow. This means that it consistently has story elements coming in at a continuous rate throughout the entirety of the story from start to finish. But unfortunately, a lot of what comes into the story is simply not on par. The Iron Lady is focused largely on Margaret Thatcher as a politician while coming up short on focusing on her as a person. The film emphasizes her determination to take a stand and make a change and gives us a predictable sense of why, but it really doesn't ask many questions about who she truly was. The problem is that the focus is so much on this that it both fails to explore who she truly was as a person, a lot of the political changes she made and just how society was developing during the time and why. A lot of the emphasis on the film is that Margaret Thatcher was one of the first women to ever go so far in politics with repeated emphasis on the fact that she is a woman. The fact is that Margaret Thatcher was more than just the Iron Lady that the title suggests, but who she truly was is something many people will not find out as a result of The Iron Lady. And at the same time, its spirit is limited which means that it is likely to only mildly inspire audiences to go out and find out more about her. I feel like The Iron Lady was limited in its ambition and therefore limits how much it will tell the audience, and its one-sidedness, simplicity and lack of insight will cause audiences to be confused by the end of it if they are not already familiar with a history of Margaret Thatcher. As I did not have to live through the time or place in history that Margaret Thatcher's impact was made notorious, I did not go into the film with an understanding of the pre-existing political context. Like I said, all the emphasis in The Iron Lady seems to be on the fact not that Margaret Thatcher made a change or did something for her country, but because she was a woman while doing it. And focusing solely on her gender for the entirety of the story fails to elevate it beyond being a film which just hits viewers over the head with its message repeatedly.The entire element of Margaret Thatcher spending time with the ghost of her husband is ridiculous. If the makers of The Iron Lady wanted viewers to take the film seriously, then the fact that they follow in the path of the critically panned John Belushi biopic Wired. I mean The Iron Lady is not a non-linear fantasy about the ghost of Margaret Thatcher visiting various phases of her life, but it still incorporates supernatural elements in. For a biographical film, that is taking far too many liberties with reality and turning it far too ridiculous. I know it has the best intentions and works to characterize the loneliness of Margaret Thatcher during the later period of her life, but in actual fact it is just plain ridiculous. As well as the film is able to play it off, there is no denying the fictitious nature of these scenes in particular because it is simply common sense. The Iron Lady is a mildly interesting film, but not because of the truth in its history but more because it is simply consistent with atmosphere and is largely dramatized appropriately during many of the non-melodramatic scenes with a screenplay which maintains strong dialogue, even if it has a few moments which are too theatrical to be realistic.On a more positive note, The Iron Lady does have a strong visual style to it with a lot of nice scenery to it as well as strong production design and costumes to establish the period that the film is set in. It is all captured with well placed cinematography. It goes a long way on a small budget which is fairly impressive.The one thing which truly does make The Iron Lady worth checking out is the performance of Meryl Streep. It doesn't take a genius to realize that she is one of the greatest actresses of her generation, and her huge collection of Academy Award nominations reminds us of that. In The Iron Lady, she finally wins her long-overdue third award for Best Actress. With Academy Award winning makeup and hairstyling to make her look appropriate in the part, she is easy to believe from the beginning. And as the film goes on, I began to forget what Meryl Streep actually looked like and embraced her depiction of Margaret Thatcher as a firm depiction of a strong woman by another strong woman. She embodies the part flawlessly, partially because she looks spot on in the role, partially becuase her voice articulation gives her a flawless accent. But most of all, she is great because her strength as a person makes it easy for her to turn Margaret Thatcher into a strong character for The Iron Lady. The film itself is not up to par with her performance because she stands out so well while being surrounded with mediocre storytelling, and so she just soars in the role both by herself and by comparison. She empowers the role with a strong sense of wisdom in the part which suggests that she really has something interesting to say and that the audience should pay attention, and she combines it with her appropriately toned line delivery and confident stature. She embodies the role in every inch of the character, and you could expect nothing less from her. Meryl Streep single handily manages to tie the entire film together in The Iron Lady, and her effort is simply remarkable.Jim Broadbent is also a welcome presence as always in The Iron Lady due to his natural British charm.So The Iron Lady has little historical context or insight into the life of Margaret Thatcher, but the sheer strength of Meryl Streep's performance succeeds in conveying the idea that she truly was an iron lady.

Landon D (de) wrote: I may be a victim to bias on this film, but DCBP is the best example of how to make a concert film hip, smart and endearing all to the tune of the best hip-hop around.

kevin p (gb) wrote: So now it is okay to kill animals for a movie? No film is worth the poisoning of animals for the sake of a storyline.

n b (us) wrote: Briliant Ardant & Irons.Zeffirelli's magical touch!

Rajan K (au) wrote: The tragedy that lingers is that a lot of the Christian right still deny this chapter of history because they're struggling to reconcile within them the fact that Hitler did something they approve of.

Amanda P (kr) wrote: Captivating story of a little boy's loss interspersed with pure moments of joy; a lot like life

Benjamin M (ca) wrote: je prfre les chiens disney d'aujourd'hui

Tyler B (es) wrote: Dry British humor, plus an amazing British case including Malcolm McDowell and Oliver Reed.

Grant S (br) wrote: A classic murder mystery, based on the Agatha Christie novel "Mrs McGinty's dead".Good set up, intriguing plot development, thrilling finale. You're kept guessing until the last moment. Many red herrings, but not overdone. Quite funny at times too, sometimes extremely so. There is a light-heartedness which runs throughout the movie (this is helped by the score), though this does not detract in any big way from the drama of the plot. Margaret Rutherford is great, as always, in her role as Miss Marple. Good support from a cast that includes the Australian actor Charles Tingwell as Inspector Craddock.

Charlie G (jp) wrote: African prince sets out to look for a wife in Queens New York. Typical boy meets girl and falls in love. Amusing in places.

Mark P (es) wrote: Bearable, had some good laughs but an awful end to an average film