A paralyzed woman goes missing after she and her husband travel to India for specialized medical attention.

A paralyzed woman goes missing after she and her husband travel to India for specialized medical attention. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter O (us) wrote: A good premise that could have been better. Sadly, not as good as I thought.

Miona J (es) wrote: "Never regret something that once made you smile." Once again excellent Korean movie which a meaningful and cute end. This movie was so funny and touching. Kim Seon-ah really is the Queen of Comedy.

James R (nl) wrote: Some parts of this film are OK.

Eytan D (us) wrote: Dario Argento does it again with his 1984 horror-thriller "Phenomena". The movie isn't as up to par as his masterpiece "Suspiria", but it still works because of a great sense of foreboding, its ominous fairy tale-like atmosphere, terrific death scenes, another awesome score by Goblin, and the first big appearance of Jennifer Connelly. Part of it makes no sense at all, but neither did "Suspiria". Give this one a try!

Rivi (gb) wrote: 'It is the eternal story of man chasing woman, to satisfy his earthly desires, and the woman who is sometimes romantic, sometimes wild, always passionate and self-conscious, driving the man mad, humiliating him and toying with him, then again satisfying his ego and deepest fantasies and even truly loving him.'

Matt H (nl) wrote: Considered a classic, but Gunga Din hasn't aged well at all. You can see where the modern action/adventure buddy film evolved from this movie (especially Indiana Jones and The Man Who Would Be King). The racism and cheery imperialism also dates the movie heavily, and everyone is a little too happy having to kill Indians (not native americans).

Andrea M (ag) wrote: A made-for-television movie in the most stereotypical sense of the term. It's undeniably fun to watch, but the filming is mediocre, the acting talent wasted, the dialogue clunky at best to risible at worse. The scene (spoiler) where Victoria gets shot and falls into the loch following Hannay's declaration of love is the cherry on the icing of some of the poor filmmaking permeating this adventure feuilleton, a scene so hackneyed that it prompted a fit of laughter (presumably not the intention of the director.All in all, the only real purpose this film has is as a filler for a lazy post-Christmas afternoon spent lounging on the living room sofa binging on chocolates or other festive treats. Within this context, it's an enjoyable watch and sufficiently engrossing to keep your attention, mostly thanks to the strength of the source material. But on its own, it's a cheesy romance-drama which boasts few artistic merits.