Bad Company

Bad Company

Delphine is a sweet innocent young girl, her new best friend pulls her into a world where she falls in love with a local pretty boy. Working her hardest to make him love her drags her into prostitution.

Delphine is a sweet innocent young girl, her new best friend pulls her into a world where she falls in love with a local pretty boy. Working her hardest to make him love her drags her into prostitution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vito R (de) wrote: Easily one of the most insulting, poorly made excuses for a film since Black Ninja. In fact, compared to this, black Ninja is Citizen Kane. Let me break it down for you. This film is about, NOTHING. A shot of water, a shot of a kid screaming, a shot of a girl on the internet, a shot of a guy saying Heil Hitler, and the subtitles saying 'Sad Oil Try Good'. The ONE hipster in the film festival who pretended to "get it" was probably a professional linguist on an acid trip. The film is in 4 or five different languages at the same time, and the Director wittingly acknowledges that his subtitles are purposely incorrect, because he wanted them to be Navajo style English. Well guess what shit head, when the Navajos spoke English it was a lot more Coherent than the idiocy in your film. I think they should sue him for defamation. I walked out of this film with my friend at the New York Film Festival and asked the security guard to come with me and arrest the Director for robbing everyone of their time. Terrible film. but Highly recommended to any aspiring film maker who wants to feel better about themselves. "Hey, this shit movie got picked as one of the 28 best of the year. My idea about spaghetti meat balls attacking Tokyo and then shitting out martini drinking martians who refer to everyone as fuck face might just work."

Patricia F (us) wrote: LINDO. Esse homem simplesmente fantstico!!!!

Caesar M (ru) wrote: I lay here speechless on how to open this review in third person upon realizing this is the first animated movie I've given a zero in two years. The last animated film to have garner that was the ever so infamous "Titanic: The Animated Movie" which had talking rats, a rapping dog, a two minute romance, and ended with "Happily Ever After". My criteria for any animated film to earn a zero I thought was originally unobtainable as a animated movie had to equal or be worse than "Titanic: The Animated Movie". "The Lion of Judah" without question has set a new low standard for all future bad animated movie to scope down to. The Lion of Judah follows the overly long, uninspired, stereotypical, and drawn out adventures of a bold lamb (Judah) and his friends (The Stable-Mates) as they try to avoid the sacrificial altar the week preceding the crucifixion Jesus Christ. Oh man where to even begin. Just about everything you could think off a film could do wrong this film does. All the characters are annoying stereotypes consisting of the dumb character, an emo, an energetic child, wise old man, unfunny comedic relief, and every shallow character type in existence. Plot points are drawn out to unbearable length consisting of moments that kill brain cells. Pointless conversations involve crows (one with an eye patch) talking about how his dream of sheets, animals debating on kicking a box, a discussion on whether or not to save a friend who's to be killed, and stretching every joke at it disposal. Making all this more painful is moving at the pace of a glacial. Glacially pace you'll slowly begin to discover the film reuses the same formula for three acts. All the acts require one of the main character to be saved only to be captured again two more times. So with no character to latch on to, a glacial pace that where a single joke can be stretched to several minutes, and three acts that reuse the same formula it further deteriorate itself by involving a false understanding of Christianity. Now the title of the film is "The Lion of Judah" which is very misleading. There is not a single lion or an animal that remotely resemble a lion in the film. The character Judah is a lamb and according to his mother will set human free. Although I am not a Christian the film false understanding of Christianity and the nerve to deliver a message from its false understanding is a slap to the face having the subtlety of nuclear bomb. It's about as force as you can get in message delivery. The worst part being Jesus Christ teachings takes a back seat to slapstick. There is not a minute that goes without slapstick yet Jesus Christ crucifixion is a throwaway plot point. Telling us nothing about Christ or his teachings serving no significance in the story. Downright insulting it audiences by daring not to go into the grey area of religion. Combining all these flaws into a single script it's incredible how a film that's under ninety minutes could feel like five dull hours of pure nothingness yet be very insulting on the way it handles religion. Animation has never been so cheap, ugly, stiff, and most importantly lazy. Anything that requires basic movement goes very slowly even during the motion of running and flying there's no distinction in speed movement. Characters models aside from being undetailed scream pure laziness. Certain animals will have fur that remain in place while other animals (some of the same kind) will have no fur at all. Another issue being the basic anatomy is inconsistent. There are several occasion where animals body parts are larger than they normally are. Further criticizing the sheer lack of effort are body parts goes through characters bodies. As for the visuals they are far behind Toy Story which was released in 1995. Textures are ugly becoming fuzzy whenever shown up close. Worse of all there are several scenes where textures on a wall, animal, or fur haven't render correctly and is left as it is. Looking and moving like an early alpha for a video game. Voice acting is not worth discussing. Ironically given the characters stereotypical personalities the voice actor sound exactly how they would. This not a good thing since some of the voices come across racial stereotype (the horse midway in the film gains an cliche Indian accent). Music on the other hand is forgettable. Only being used in montages comes and goes away quickly. The Lion of Judah is an endurance test in tolerance with the viewer reaping no benefits from what they what see. There is no effort presented in any frame of the film. Animation and visuals are inferior to the first 3D animated film ever made, a plot with nothing redeeming, racial stereotype voice acting, and finally feeling longer than it actually is. Nothing about "The Lion of Judah" is interesting, passionate, or watchable. It's existence is a sin to all things cinema. The Aftermath of "The Lion of Judah": So not only was it that I just viewed a film that had completely wasted my time, my breathe, and my eyesight, but on the same day after finishing viewing it my internet service experiences an outage. This being the first time this ever happened I can only conclude that this film was cursed in more ways than one. Ironically my internet was out for two days and it just so happen to have come back on the third day. Talk about irony.

Francesco B (es) wrote: It's just my point of view but I found the film boring and absurd. I give it a full star for some of the dialogues but otherwise I particularly disliked it.

Leena L (ag) wrote: was not watching , really, concentrated more on drinking. But.... if the film had been any good, I would have changed the focus......

Sheridan P (au) wrote: Sweet story about a man's man being gentle and kind to his war traumatised friend. RdN always has a spark of madness in his eyes......he's well cast me thinks.

David L (ca) wrote: A wonderfully engrossing tale, full of wit and liveliness from both of its incredible leads.

William W (it) wrote: When I was a teenager, though I wasn't really big on sitcoms (if I watched TV, I primarily enjoyed crime/police/detective stories), I must admit I loved the occasional episode of 'Night Court', though by no means did I watch it enthusiastically or with any regularity. My favourite actor in it was Richard Moll, who had that unique presence of a Richard Kiel, yet was better both in charisma and comic timing.A few months ago, I saw a crappy horror portmanteau from the 80's ('Night Train to Terror'), of which directors' Marshak, McGowan and Tallas' segment, 'The Case of Claire Hansen', was by far the most interesting and best realized (thanks to 'Hollie Horror' for the info!), yet in the panoramic jetsam of my mind, in watching 3+ films a day, I wondered why I was getting this strange sense of deja vu. It was neat to see the entire work. Moll's face and voice were very familiar, yet he had a full head of hair (he was bald in 'Night Court', for those who don't remember), and his name was listed as 'Charles Moll' in the credits, so I was a tad confused--perhaps it was a brother?--but it ended up being the same person.The film itself plays upon the same chord as horrific greats from its preceding decade, such as 'The Exorcist', 'The Omen' and 'The Amityville Horror', in which the classic conflict of good vs. evil is fought, and demons from the underworld are its root cause. For a no-budget film, it has a decent sense of atmosphere and mood, interesting actors and cinematography, and a really outstanding climactic scene. The special effects are uneven: Sometimes they are decent, yet sometimes laughingly bad--probably due to having THREE directors involved--usually NOT a good omen for a film, if simply one story is being presented (too many cooks DO spoil the broth, at least cinematically). One exceedingly bad aspect was Faith Clift as the female protagonist, Claire Hansen. Though for her age she was beautiful, her monotone voice was dreadful.I recommend the film wholeheartedly and with no reservations, if you like horror films and want a good time some evening for 94 minutes.

Clement L (it) wrote: No matter why this is the worst Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical movie. Definitely. It's a light comedy, it's funny, the songs are great (usual R&H level), yes, but the story is too shallow to be true. As a Chinese, I can feel and realize that why most of my race says this movie is a disgrace to Chinese people. Finally I know why David Henry Hwang needed to rewrite the WHOLE musical for its revival.

Jack G (jp) wrote: one of Corman's best. seriously. Bronson's the fuckin man, even when he's slightly pussy-whipped.

Thiago C (es) wrote: Um filme perfeito em todos os nveis. Uma famlia desmembrada ao longo do tempo por questes polticas e sociais at que os filhos se tornem escravos na era medieval japonesa. O diretor conduz a narrativa de forma simples e natural permitindo seus atores brilharem, mas sem que eles exagerem (algo que s vezes acontece nos filmes de Akira Kurosawa, mas tal exagero no um demrito para aquele diretor). Apesar de caracterstico da poca a fotografia preto e branco d mais peso ao filme, assim algumas cenas acabam ainda mais dramticas mesmo com algum tom de previsibilidade. O final belssimo e de uma ternura que considero incontestvel. D pra ver de graa no youtube.

April W (kr) wrote: I'm a lumberjack & I'm ok!

Ashley H (de) wrote: Penny Serenade is a decent film. It is about a couple's big dreams give way to a life full of unexpected sadness and unexpected joy. Irene Dunne and Cary Grant give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. George Stevens did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and romance.

Mad M (kr) wrote: Classic. Perfect feel good movie; Astin owns the role.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: An entertaining mixture of mystery, comedy and musical--Outstanding work by Mantan!!