Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams

Unity Field, a "free love" cult from the '70s, is mostly remembered for its notorious mass suicide led by Harris, its charismatic leader. While all members are supposed to burn in a fire together, young Cynthia is spared by chance. Years later, the nightmare of Unity Field remains buried in her mind. But when those around Cynthia start killing themselves, and she begins having visions of Harris, she may be forced to confront the past -- before it confronts her.

In the mid-'70s, a cult group called Unity Field commits mass suicide, but a young girl survives. After being in a coma for thirteen years she wakes up in a psyche ward, not remembering the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alnissa S (us) wrote: They always amaze me.

Ryan G (fr) wrote: The scientific focus on two university researchers painted a narrow vision. It would have been stronger with a bit more corroborating expertise "at the table."

Jared R (de) wrote: I couldn't decide if I liked this movie or loathed it. At first, I could see the story developing and became genuinely interested in the character and then, it kind of went off on a very strange and jumpy plot that didn't seem to land anywhere. It certainly kept me watching until the end, but when the credits rolled, I found myself saying "what the hell was this about?"

MC W (br) wrote: To be unfair, I can't even get through it. I figured it would be cliche, but sometimes these movies have something going for them. In this case the male and female leads are not Hollywood attractive. I am sure they were top 25 in their high schools, but they are both physically flawed. There is nothing wrong with that, but if that is the case, especially in a movie like this, then the actor's charisma needs to make up for it. Instead we have two, relative to movie standards, unattractive leads with no personalities or charisma. Did I mention the writing sucked? Of course not, because that is a given. It is too bad because some similar movies of this genre 20+ years ago could actually be entertaining. Between this and College they have killed it off, and no longer attract me to the genre at all.

James L (kr) wrote: Interesting cinematography with an eccentric storyline.....2.5 stars

Antonio C (au) wrote: Hilarious and surrealist Basque Spanish movie. Memorable sentences.

Jillian H (kr) wrote: Only those who understand the immense amount of work, the vision, the detail, the 30 year project, and its botching can fully appreciate the genius and uniqueness of this film. On another level, it's an astoundingly gorgeous film to watch.

Faisal A (es) wrote: Flashy, raunchy and schlocky, Basic Instinct is classic nineties noir for which Verhoeven's overblown direction and Stone's exposure secured a place in movie history. It's time we stopped snickering about it and admit to its status as a modern classic. A prime example of Hollywood craftsmanship.

Chris D (it) wrote: Great movie series...

Mari A (es) wrote: love this movie. i can watch it over and over.

Brittany R (gb) wrote: AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME Movie!!!!!

Lori B (mx) wrote: Beautifully, perfectly done, but it failed to engage me on a visceral level. I have a great deal of respect for this movie, bit I will never be able to love it.