Bad Johnson

Bad Johnson

Women are practically throwing themselves at Rich and he can’t seem to control himself. But he continually blames his penis, which seems to have a mind of its own. After ruining yet another promising relationship with Jamie, Rich has finally had enough and wishes his penis would just leave him alone. The next morning, Rich wakes up to find his wish has come true and his johnson is no longer on his body. Even worse, Rich is shocked to discover that his penis has taken human form...

Being a sex addict, Rich never maintains a long relationship because of lack of responsibility. After his failure with a girlfriend, Rich wishes his penis will disappear. The next morning he wakes up, Rich realizes that his penis has taken human form. On the way to get his penis back, Rich learns the lesson to be a real man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leah G (gb) wrote: One of my the worst movies of 2016. No plot

Shraddha I (kr) wrote: Dance kar ke dikha...;)

Shannon J (de) wrote: Really cute father/son movie. Personally I loved the graphics, i found it suspenseful and teared up at the end. This movie is full of emotion. But what I really liked was the creative plot ideas like the oxygen packs & gadgets. The wing suit was cool too. At that time I had never heard of the so... super cool.

Octavian (kr) wrote: A personalized story of one chimpanzee's journey through the research industry. Interesting subject matter, but they skimmed over the interesting details, and rushed away from the interesting parts. We barely heard anything about what they taught Nim.

Ryan D (ag) wrote: I saw this at the first showing in Rockford. Its a true straight ahead slasher of the type we don't see enough of these days. The film is all heart and a real blast with a beer soaked crowd that's into that sort of flick. Lots of gore. For horror fans that enjoy the low budget charms and gross outs of Herschell Gordon Lewis fare such as Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs, etc. this will go over well and the killer is not just a place holder but a lovable butcher. Takes the slasher sub genre and throttles it. Can't wait for more.

Matt G (de) wrote: Its references are dated, its CGI is bad, the human actors are embarrassing, and it seems to have a problem knowing who its audience is...but what can I say? IT'S FUNNY! Dante has a great grasp on what made these Tunes comedically pop. Also, film fans will get a kick out of the multitude of scifi-movie references during the Area 52 scene.

Private U (au) wrote: This movie is so low-budget that I know the actors in the film. But I still like it.

Graham F (ru) wrote: hahahahahahahahahahaHHHHHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHhehehehehehehehehehohohohohohoh!!! yeah boyyyyyy

Amanda (us) wrote: PLOT: Tom Berenger plays a Montana bounty hunter who helps an anthropologist (Barbara Hershey) search for the descendants of a Cheyenne tribe who disappeared in the 1870s. What the two find in a remote mountain stretch is an entire community of Cheyenne who have kept themselves cut off from the modern world.Lewis Gates (Berenger) bond with his dog Zip had me at the beginning of the film and then I was hooked. The plot and characters were just perfectly thrown together and the scenery was breath taking. The film has a little bit of mystery, humor, and an outdoors man theme going on. I think I could watch this over and over again.Professor Lillian Sloan: "It's a little disconcerting to realize that the smartest member of our expedition's the dog."

William R (de) wrote: One of my all time favourite Harrison Ford Films and Thriller films.

jesse k (ag) wrote: Every body dies in the end.

Spookie M (gb) wrote: Hilarious trash classic that starts as a serious crime thriller and half way through turns into a parody of the 1960's Batman tv show. For fans of B-movies this is a must-see!

David W (es) wrote: Brilliant in it's concept and the art of cuisines, makes this film delicious

Emod L (it) wrote: 77%Surf's Up is formulaic at times, but the script is well-written, the style is fresh, and the cast is sincere.