Bad Karma

Bad Karma

Ray Liotta stars as Jack Malloy, a hardcore career criminal until a near-death experience causes him to turn his world around. But when his former partner Drake is released from prison, he tracks Jack down to blackmail him into one last job. Jack is a new man determined to lead an honest life. Drake is a charming psycho intent on vengeance. Sometimes, old friends can carry some extreme baggage. And for one of them, coming to terms with the past is going to be murder. Vanessa Gray and Andy McPhee co-star in this taut action/drama about good intentions, dark secrets and the harsh consequences of BAD KARMA.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A near-death experience forces a con man to come to terms with his shady past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Takee A (us) wrote: Possibly my favorite Transformers movie so far, although I was a bit surprised with the sudden change of cast.

Ann N (es) wrote: the plot is amazingly slow...

Bryan P (kr) wrote: A group of fans rob a bank before jetting of for the world cup. A few things go wrong on the way.

Colby D (us) wrote: This film is goddamn amazing.

Thomas J (de) wrote: John Leguizamo and David Castro bring POWER to their roles as father and step-son. I have always enjoyed John Leguizamo's acting, but this role soon John is forgotten and he is Frank Diaz. David Castro turns on the crocodile tears in one seen that marks this kid for great things to come! John and David show they can handle the roles and I hope to see more of both in the future... both should be Oscar bound! The ending is so not Hollywood and it is what makes me love this movie even more!! One review below says it better than I can, "it does not pour on the saccharine", thanks Peter Gula... that is a great way to express this movie.

Alexandre P (au) wrote: Jesus, how can a movie be this shitty? I didn't think it was possible until today!

Van R (mx) wrote: This is a rare film to find. Luckily, IFC will air it on occasion. Recommended by a friend of mine who loves movies as much as I do, I was confused following my initial viewing because I didna know what my reaction was. I guess I liked it, sure. Then I had to see it again, like a decade later. Besides from Rourke, who is always remarkable in my opinion, and Baldwin scene chewing all his, mostly, bland dialogue and scenes, the set up is engaging, but there was something about the ending that was just as disturbing, hypnotic, and captivating as when I saw it for the first time. It remained in my head for days. Then I was at lost for how I feel about the movie afterwards. I guess if a film can do that for me, it deserves a good rating. There always seems to be something new I notice in each viewing, but the ending remains powerful, even to this day.

Hannah D (kr) wrote: This is very entertaining and feel-good. It does get a bit confusing towards the end, but overall I liked it very much. It is a very pleasant looking film, too, with lots of vibrant colours.

angel m (gb) wrote: New kid in town.. Falls for the prettyest girl in school .. Who has the meanest boyfriend on the streets .. The new guy just dont know when to give up ...

Eric B (au) wrote: "Stunt Rock" is an unusual but awful movie that fails to pass the crucial "so bad, it's good" test. Its title perfectly describes the film: half stunts, half rock 'n' roll. The stunts are supplied by an amiable Australian (Grant Page), while the music comes from a gimmicky hard-rock band called Sorcery. Clearly an also-ran from the KISS/Alice Cooper school, the group performs onstage with two magicians (one is a Gandalf-like wizard and the other is "the Prince of Darkness"). The pair's fire-heavy tricks are generally in the mode of cabinet illusions where a confined subject miraculously escapes torture or death, but there is one impressive bit where the wizard is seemingly impaled on a sword.The film is essentially a documentary that strains to insert a weak excuse for a plot. The stunt man and Sorcery are linked because Page is supposedly cousins with a band member, but otherwise the action just alternates non-fiction looks at Page's stunts and the band's badly dated music. Sorcery is allegedly amidst a three-night stand at the huge Inglewood Forum (fat chance) and also is recording some songs. The band lays down studio tracks as if they're onstage, as multi-colored lights flash and the singer whirls his mic like Roger Daltrey. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, a pretty journalist hopes to write an article about people consumed with their jobs and latches onto the stunt man. Their relationship doesn't go anywhere. Neither does the film.With an extensive re-edit, an exciting documentary about a versatile, charming stunt man might be possible. Falls, fire, cars, hang-gliding, the high wire...Page does it all.

Sanity Assassin (es) wrote: a depressing war story about the partisans fighting off the jerrys in italy and what the german army did in retaliation for an attack. however the most interesting part was not played by richard burton as the no nonsense colenel but by marcello mastroianni as father pietro antonelli who's struggling to come to terms with the lack of interest and help from the vatican (a religious order he believes in). mostly this film is about the different characters struggling with what's happening in it. more psychological than action packed. another solid film from george p. cosmatos, the director of the cassandra crossing

Wayne M (ru) wrote: Bridge of Spies is perhaps what you would expect from latter day Spielberg. Solid efficient storytelling that never truly leaps off the screen. Based on true events the film concerns itself with the Cold War of the late 50s as Tom Hanks plays an American lawyer who has to defend a Soviet spy and then later negotiate his exchange with a US prisoner. Hanks is effective if rather dull and the script is rather heavy handed and although the story flows along the tension never really escalates and by the end it just all falls a bit flat.