Bad Luck Love

Bad Luck Love

A shocking crime forces a man to re-evaluate his life, only to find that going straight is more complicated than he imagined in this acclaimed drama from Finland. Ali (Jorma Tommila) is a low-level criminal who spends much of his spare time working out at a gym with his brother Pulu (Tommi Eronen). Ali spends most of his day stoned on marijuana, while Pulu is known to drink cleaning products when he's run out of booze. Ali has fallen in love with Inka (Maria Jarvenhelmi), a bright woman with a mind of her own, and her independent nature occasionally throws him into a fit of jealousy. Bad Luck Love was the first film to be nominated in all 12 categories at the Jussis Awards, the Finnish Academy Awards.

A murderer tries to leave his criminal past in East Helsinki and make a new life for his family . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juliano K (us) wrote: kkkk this movie sucks...or it doesn lol

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Scott B (fr) wrote: Utterly amazing! This is only for thinking people! You have to watch it, then read about it online, and then watch it again...and possibly for a 3rd and 4th time to fully appreciate the genius! A movie made by an engineer, it is a success!

Sharon W (ca) wrote: a total joke anybody who spent any time in the marines or army would spend 2 hours laughing there ass off

Connor F (ru) wrote: A remake plagued by clunky dialogue, uneven acting, and bizarre editing choices. Tarkovsky's emotionally resonant original blows this one out of the stratosphere.

Craig L (us) wrote: great musical score w/some funny hijinks.

Kyle B (fr) wrote: It's a nice little film with some nice music but the overall story just isn't all that interesting. Hathaway and Steenburgen really shine in this and if it was more of a story about them I would have loved this. It tries to get in Once territory with the romance and the style of camera work but the relationship is not very interesting. Still, Hathaway still shines with her singing and it's worth checking out for that and her scenes with Steenburgen

Augustine H (jp) wrote: Meryl Streep rocks! Everybody deserves to have the chance to fight for what he wants.