Bad Milo

Bad Milo

A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.

A stressed-out man (Ken Marino) learns that his unusual stomach pains are being caused by a demon living in his intestines, and that excessive anxiety causes the creature to escape and slaughter the man's tormentors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy B (nl) wrote: From Stage to Screen Cirque Du Soleil does not fare well in the efforts of the creative team behind the motion picture, the atmosphere is some what lost during the translation of taking it from the stage to the big screen.As we find ourselves watching a circus show with next to no dialogue, repetitive aerialist and no real animals it's hard to see why the film was conjured. Whilst World's Away could be wildly popular with fans of the stage show, as a Cirque Du Soleil virgin it was hard to enjoy.The film, drafted together from 7 of the troupes Las Vegas shows, is the story of a girl and a male aerialist who become enchanted by each other, when an act goes wrong the aerialist finds himself in a dream like world. Not wanting to leave him in the other world alone the girl, Mia follows him. World's Away is 85 minutes of Mia's frantic search to find the guy she fell in love with the moment they first met.Visually captivating yet boring, the show features stunning backdrops and a eclectic choice of music, there is no doubt that the dancers are oozing with talent but the lack of substance leaves you wanting more.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Hayley K (it) wrote: A really fun chick flick. Sure you could probably predict the ending before you hit play but you'll still be entertained by how funny and sweet this film was. Marsden never fails to be hilarious but this was definetly Heigl's funniest role yet.

Greg W (ag) wrote: wasnt much different than the the original

J R (de) wrote: This is cinema and storytelling at its best

Vikas A (it) wrote: Greatest love story ever....truly a legendary love story!

John S (br) wrote: It was a good movie. Found it really predictable. But the main actress makes it well worth watching.

Geoff R (de) wrote: Some odd reason, this is one of my favorite movies of all time, really fun movie.

Alex r (gb) wrote: Awful film from director Chris Columbus, Nine Months proves that Hugh Grant is a terrible actor that has no screen presence. The film was a total misfire. I hated this film, and thought it had so much more potential than what it turned out to be. This is boring, lazy filmmaking and is a film simply not interesting to get into. This film simply missed the mark in every respect. The result is a film that is very forgettable with a poor cast of actors and bad comedy. This film was simply one of those comedies that really tried too hard at delivering the laughter, but ultimately failed. Chris Columbus is very much hit and miss as a director, and he really misses it here. The film falls flat when it should be a good timer. This is a tiresome, unfunny film that really doesn't work. There's really no substance involved in this plot to keep you involved, entertained and ultimately interested. This was a painful film to watch, and one that doesn't deliver due to a poorly written, thought out script. If you're looking for a great film with this one, you will be sadly disappointed. There is nothing here that redeems its awfulness and it makes you wonder this film got made in the first place. As a romantic comedy, it fails, and as a film it fails even more. This is garbage that is uninspired and a waste of time to sit through. Chris Columbus really made one of his worst films with this one. Luckily he would redeem himself with the first Harry Potter film. This had some decent ideas that unfortunately went nowhere, and worst of all, it felt long, too long even because nothing good or entertaining really happens. Avoid this waste of film.

jesse m (au) wrote: The action and humor continue, and although it's not as classic as the first two it still retains the heart and the hijinks that has been a franchise staple for Lethal Weapon.

Thomas B (it) wrote: A great tribute to the birth of one of the greatest science fiction shows ever made8/10

Grace B (ca) wrote: Moretz is a great actress, but neither her nor Bettis and not even Spacek are ugly enough to portray Carrie. She was written to be a fat, ugly outcast. None of them would have been outsiders; Moretz was beautiful at prom! Another thing - this adaptation shouldn't have been modernized. The 70s film brings on a sort of rawness; posting Carrie on YouTube almost belittles the story.

Konrad A (de) wrote: What a funny movie I like how the animals tell him how to get a girlfriend and they help him but hey help them in the wrong way such as Griffin went to the bathroom behind a tree and people saw him. I like the Gorilla Bernie he was pretty funny I like when they were in the car and Bernie was dancing. Kevin James is funny in this movie