Bad Money

Bad Money

A black comedy revolving around the humiliating lengths that people will resort to in order to get by in an unstable financial world from applying for welfare to the compromise of personal ...

A black comedy revolving around the humiliating lengths that people will resort to in order to get by in an unstable financial world from applying for welfare to the compromise of personal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lake B (br) wrote: Good story, decent cast, great music - impressive for a Disney Channel movie. The lip synching pissed me off, as it should piss off anybody who appreciates good films and great music. Some of the cast can and should go pro in either music or film. Some should NOT. All in all, pretty good watch.

Marilee A (it) wrote: Slow, and a bit awkward.The only thing entertaining about this Film was the Crazy Best Friend,David Koechner as Professor Jay Hadley,who liked to smoke pot, slash his other professors tires, & Toilet Paper his Deans house, if it weren't for his childlike hehavior, this Movie would be like watch Grass grow.

Sven O (nl) wrote: Dry, sarcastic humor about corporate easter bunnies. Awesome!

Camille L (ru) wrote: Ca pouvait etre tres sympathique, JAMES HUTH est un bon realisateur, mais au fur et a mesure que le film avance, on attend le massacre tant attendu, qui arrive de facon baclee a la fin. Tres dommage. Plaisant, tout de meme.

Areeque T (fr) wrote: Ridiculous! Stupid! Awesome! Unlike anything you've ever seen before. Not as much a movie adaptation of a comic book, but rather a video comic book itself!

Arun C (mx) wrote: ??Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports ... all others are games.??Ernest Hemingway

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Normally don't care for this type of movie, maybe it was the simplicity, but I liked it, and loved the ending.

Steve A (ag) wrote: I'm very surprised by how many critics didn't like this. This is a very entertaining and thought provoking movie. It's greatly written and acted. Good characters too. There is a very epic climax too it all. I really liked this film. Again, ignore the critics. I highly recommend.

Minh V (kr) wrote: Too stylized and convoluted. Definitely one of those style over substances, artistic film. Love the 90s Saigon though. Brought back good memory.

Nick T (it) wrote: A good attempt of putting the Stonewall riots into an histroical perspective.But it is missing something....Oh yeah- credibility.

Matty S (de) wrote: In my opinion, this is one of the best movies to come out of the 1980's. Faye Dunaway has not been this good since NETWORK and Mickey Rourke's work is at once comical and tragic. Everything about this movie just works brilliantly. A must see -- particularly if you love Bukowski.

Movie K (de) wrote: Was impress by the movie upon 1st viewing. Ending is consider violent for its time. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway met while he is trying to steal her mum's car. She like his bad boy adventure and together they rob a shop. Then they ask a gas attendant Michael J. Pollard to join them and they rob banks. After making some name for himself, Warren's brother Gene Hackman and his wife Estelle Parsons joins them as well. Faye didn't like them as they are noisy and disrupt her way of living. Estelle didn't want to be involve but has no choice. A police came to their hideout and the gang kill them all. While on the run along the lake, a Texas Ranger Denver Pyle try to check but is caught. Faye and Warren make him pose with them for photo. Faye kiss him and he spit at her. Warren is angry and push him to a raft and out to the lake. They rob another bank and hide in motel. Estelle now wants a share of the loot and it angers Faye. Next day she sneak away as she want to see her family. They all found her and decide to visit. Estelle and Michael went to buy groceries and his gun is expose to a sheriff. The police track them down. Estelle tell the cop they are at next door and they shoot. As the gang manage to escape, Gene is injured badly and Estelle is blinded. Sleeping overnight in the woods, the cops found them and surround them, firing in every direction. Gene is shot dead and Estelle caught. Faye and Warren are also injured but with Michael they escaped. Michael bring them to his home to hide and it angers his father who don't want his son to be involve. Warren vows revenge when he read the newspaper that he abandon Gene. Denver is back to get this case and he got the news from Estelle who is Michael. Then his father also made a deal with Denver to let him get Faye and Warren and let his son go. He instruct Michael to hide in the shop. Warren and Faye saw cops and must flee. The father set a trap by pretending to have flat tyre in the outskirt. Warren stops to help. The cops hiding in bushes fires at the duo and both are ridden with many bullets and killed.

Michael H (ca) wrote: A briiliantly made portmanteau horror with all three tales working extremely well: the first helping lay the template for all future gialli that follows; the second an out and out gothic tale that's extremely creepy; and the third an old fashioned ghost story with a nasty bite in it's tale - well worth checking out

Clay B (it) wrote: Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (1979) My Rating: 6/10 Genre: Western, Comedy Director: Richard Lester MPAA Rating: PG Runtime: 115 minutes Available On: DVD

Akshay M (ca) wrote: Ben Kingsley produces one of the most electrifying performance in cinema in this hard hitting and ambitious british gangster flick.

Luciano G (es) wrote: The story is nothing special -- and has been told many times -- but the acting is very good and solid.... everyone involved here is singularly better than the film as a whole...