Bad Romance

Bad Romance

7 young men and women and their three stories involved with heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual affairs that happened in Beijing. A single mom meets a young student; A city boy meets a guy of his dream; A girl falls into a love game of a male and a female fellows in her French class.

7 young men and women and their three stories involved with heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual affairs that happened in Beijing. A single mom meets a young student; A city boy meets a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Veronica B (mx) wrote: I thought this was one of the best "8 movies to die for - 2009" Most original storyline.

Tore S (mx) wrote: This is a great film for someone who's NEVER considered more (or less) than 3 dimensions... But if you've ever spent 2mins thinking about that, this movie only has the satirical political side, which I think works better in Brave new world or one of the other control society films/books.

Shaun B (us) wrote: Above average telling of John McCain's war years.

Harri M (us) wrote: Opening scenes shot close to my house, so there is some personal interest in this movie. However, everything happens too fast in the movie.

Private U (br) wrote: A love do not know until the end. At the end you will discover..the one you love just beside & accompany you already

Christina M (br) wrote: This is a beautiful film with a splendid cast. Feels like the actors are in your living room.

Jaime D (jp) wrote: with its stagey non naturalistic dialogue and hammy performances, watching this (though i wouldn't advice you do) you'll be surprised it was an original screen play and not adapted from a stage play... a very poor stage play.... What a waste of some top talent and an hour and 45 minutes

Tristan G (nl) wrote: Wow. Well, this certainly wasn't Herzog's finest hour. I don't know, I mean, I liked certain things about it, but for the most part it just drove me completely crazy. Herzog is a master at affecting the audience, whether it be physically or psychologically, and he certainly did it here. However, thinking back on my experience in watching this I can safely say that I could have done without this film. Maybe I just wasn't in the right frame of mind when I watched it. I don't know.

Pamela G (mx) wrote: A thoroughly weird movie but strangely satisfying. But questions remain unanswered....why did everything happen this night? Did the mystery man save Rachel from her childhood pedophile? Was Rachel the reason everything happened this night? On her very first day as a police officer? Was he...WAITING for her?

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Rodgers & Hammerstein's first collaboration gets an elaborately choreographed adaptation in this 1955 film. The story, set in Oklahoma territory during the fledgling years of the 20th century, centers on a love triangle between a smart-aleck cowboy (Gordon MacRae), a sullen hired hand (Rod Steiger), and a precocious farm girl (Shirley Jones). The plot and acting has its quaint charm, but the enduring legacy of this production is owed mostly to the songs. "Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'", "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top", and "People Will Say We're In Love" all get a sumptuous, grand, and colorful treatment in this enjoyable movie. Pleasant and charming, Oklahoma! is recommended viewing for cinephiles and an essential rite of passage for theater geeks.

Montana L (ca) wrote: I don't understand why this movie isn't better liked. Ben Foster is incredible, as is Dennis Quaid and the entire cast. Look for Eddie Rouse stealing scenes in a captivating and disturbing turn. Couple that with a mind bending plot and some scary aliens and I don't see what else you could need in a movie.

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Shoot em Up is a over the top, balls to the wall, bullet fest. Its plot is utterly ridiculous, along with the script containing cheesy lines at every opportunity yet this doesn't distract from the movies obvious strength which is action. Action is plentiful, by the bucket load..its antics are completely silly but totally awesome. It almost resembles a video game in how unrealistic the action is but its dark, brutal and very stylised. Its a blatant 18 with drugs, bad language, nudity, and blood, a thoroughly satisfying watch.

Robin v (mx) wrote: would never have gone out of my way to see this and would that have been a loss! a fascinating story of the charmed life of a guy I'd never heard of. he lived and worked in circles so far away from my life (Alice Cooper, and rock stars drug hazes of the 1970s-90s, and Anne Murray!) and yet I would have loved to know him. in say charmed, although it's a poignant point that he ends up quite alone, making it tragic in a way. he has given so much to so many, and had close calls with fulfillment, that never quite come full circle.

Daniel M (it) wrote: Great film for entertainment

Scott R (fr) wrote: Something I didn't know much about. Insightful.

Courtney K (it) wrote: i said the phrase "oh man" quite a few times -- it's disturbing and quite gross. and since i don't speak the language, the majority of the time it just seemed like people were screaming and yelling weird sounds at each other, which by the end of the film, started to give me a headache :/