Bad Turn Worse

Bad Turn Worse

Three teenage friends get in way over their head when they cross a down-home crime syndicate. They hope to make a break for it and escape their dead-end existence in a cotton-mill town but get sucked into the seedy underbelly of organized crime when one of them steals from the wrong man.

The film follows three teens from Texas as they move out of their small town and get sucked into the seedy underbelly of organized crime when one of them steals from the wrong man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Short Horror R (gb) wrote: Choppy narrative, amateur acting, poor direction, a weak British crime/horror. Give it a miss

Myear J (jp) wrote: If by chance you enjoy acting, not just as entertainment but as Art, you will adore this film. As a viewer you get the opportunity to truly examine the skills of Ajay and Aishwarya. Honestly, it was a privilege to watch these two make a film that shows why they are loved as actors! I live for this type of cinema. It forces the actors to truly act, no frills, no reliance on background or camera work, just skill...

victor l (kr) wrote: :rotten: [b][i]Lost Embrace lacks a worthy-telling story that gets confusing and hard to understand. The film lasted a little more than an hour and a half, it was enough time to fall asleep and sleep for a long time.[/i][/b]

Mike P (jp) wrote: I own this movie . Don't understand why I can't upload it to my tablet

Oscar V (it) wrote: MY FAVORITE MOVIE....!!! MI FAVORITA PELICULA....!!!

John C (nl) wrote: Though there is some novelty in Eastwood doing a purely comedic role, this movie is so devoid of energy that it's hardly worth the effort.

Graeme H (gb) wrote: Scorsese's weakest film, but probably worth seeing twice. A notable example of how violence and nudity cannot save a film.

Erica P (es) wrote: A slapstick comit from the 1930s is always enjoyable. Though it is not the best of Powell and Loy it's still funny. The one draw back is its all at the end of movie.

Stuart K (us) wrote: After Interview with the Vampire came out in 1994, a sequel was rife to have been made, but non of the original cast were interested in returning, the producers lost the rights. This started out as an adaptation of Anne Rice's 1985 book The Vampire Lestat, but it shifted to her 1988 book The Queen of the Damned. It was a troubled production and it shows badly thought the film. The Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend) has been in a slumber for decades, but is awoken by the sound of heavy metal music, something he decides to relish. Lestat becomes a rock star and loves the fame, but he is warned by fellow vampire Marius de Romanus (Vincent Perez) who warns that vampires won't tollerate his behaviour. But, it's before long when Lestat's music awakens Akasha (Aaliyah), the first vampire from Egyptian times, which happened once before years ago. But she goes around causing havoc, and she whisks Lestat off from a concert to her home, where she plans to take over the world with Lestat. It should have been a good film, but this comes across as a third rate horror film from years ago, although this has some very dodgy CGI throughout. As a result of this film, which borrowed more from the book of The Vampire Lestat than Queen of the Damned, Rice denounced it, and said there wouldn't be any more films.