Badaltey Rishtey

Badaltey Rishtey

Film about a businesman who, despite being married, falls in love with a music teacher who loves another man.

Sagar Singh is a businessman who lives in scenic Simla with his widowed mom; brother, Bipin, his wife, Urmila; sister, Prema; and brother, Kishan. When he returns from USA, he meets with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dianna D (ag) wrote: Sad Christmas time story

Praveen S (es) wrote: Warm...fuzzy...cliched...featuring a "Bill Murray" special that gives this routine story the zing it needs...ably supported by others..special mention to the kid...he holds his own with watch it....

Jona A (jp) wrote: bizarra y entretenida, un 7.5 :D

Joetaeb D (br) wrote: Heart wrenching and powerfully acted. Brokeback mountain is a unique romantic western that imbues feels and respect to homosexuals.

Nicholas R (nl) wrote: Asia Argento gets naked a lot. 5/5.

James H (nl) wrote: Very good film considering it's a made for tv, interesting subject but very sad.the execution scene is really hard to watch not in a gory way.

Elena S (mx) wrote: at first , i thought it will be fun and exciting. But it turned out to be boring. , some parts is funny actually. . I like it their jokes

Ian B (ag) wrote: Crazy demon bitch goes bonkers sometimes and cheats on her husband with gory consequences. Old school horror at its best. The end is fucking hilarious too and made no sense. Great party movie or loner movie if you have no friends. Worth owning, not renting.

Jennifer S (es) wrote: I went into Baby Doll thinking it would be on par with a sleazy exploitation film--all I knew about it was that it concerned an "overripe" virginal teenage bride who sleeps in a crib, sucks her thumb, and refuses to have sex with her oafish husband. Sounds sleazy right? Leave it to Elia Kazan to take what could be a trashy movie and wring something deep and emotional out of it. Based on a one-act play by Tennessee Williams, Baby Doll is, at heart, about a rivalry between two men--dumb, bigoted Archie Lee Meighan (Karl Malden) and Sicilian Silva Vacarro (Eli Wallach, both skeevy and surprisingly sexy in this role). Both me own cotton gins, but Archie Lee is the less successful of the two men. Archie Lee burns down Vacarro's gin, forcing Vacarro to take his crop of cotton to Archie Lee's gin to be de-seeded (or whatever the word is to describe what a cotton gin does). Unfortunately for Archie Lee, Vacarro knows what's going on and proceeds to spend the afternoon at Archie Lee's crumbling mansion being "entertained" by Archie Lee's young, virginal wife. His plan is to seduce Baby Doll Meighan and then get her to sign an affidavit stating that her husband burned down Vacarro's cotton gin. So there are two games of cat-and-mouse afoot: Vacarro by turns terrifying and gently teasing Baby Doll, who is both attracted to and intimidated by Vacarro; and Vacarro humiliating and one-upping Archie Lee at every turn. There is a particularly great scene where Vacarro slyly tells Archie Lee that he may not even attempt to rebuild his cotton gin. Instead, he might take all his business to Archie Lee...and spend many afternoons being "entertained" by Archie Lee's comely wife. Boy, Eli Wallach sure is a devious bastard--but I couldn't help but root for him. In comparison to racist, oafish Archie Lee (who, by the way, brought this on himself by burning Vacarro's gin to the ground) Vacarro is a perfect gentleman...even if he does lie and scheme to get Baby Doll to do his bidding.Some scenes in Baby Doll are incredibly intense. When Baby Doll and Vacarro sit on the swing together and Vacarro strokes her neck, the heat is so thick you could cut it with a knife. And when Archie Lee is on the verge of turning out Baby Doll's old Aunt Rose, who cooks and cleans for the family, the look on the old woman's face is enough to make this stoic movie-goer choke up. In Baby Doll, Elia Kazan doesn't just tell a sleazy, juicy story--he taps into the primal emotions and desires that fill all of us and sometimes make us do desperate, crazy, or hateful things.

Pete A (jp) wrote: Groundbreaking piece of mid-90s counter-cultural commentary. Quite dark and harrowing but all the same, incredibly well-shot and well-cast.

Delaney G (fr) wrote: Visually stunning film and a mesmerizing tale. Indira Varma is gorgeous and her will and spirit drive the film along exploring a world where the most power a woman could have was that as a courtesan. I have to say this is one of my favorite all time foreign films.