Badass Showdown

Badass Showdown

Uber MMA fighter manager Ivy Reed (B-movie action star of the '80s and '90s Cynthia Rothrock) is unique as a woman in a male-dominated field, using a special formula to find her champion fighters. Though her trainer Jimmy doesn't see eye to eye with her, he nevertheless works with her latest crop of "auditionees," Dustin, Connor, Tyler, Hunter and Mason, to see which will have the career making boost of being managed by Ivy. Written by [email protected]

Uber MMA fighter manager Ivy Reed (B-movie action star of the '80s and '90s Cynthia Rothrock) is unique as a woman in a male-dominated field, using a special formula to find her champion ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo M (nl) wrote: The only this movie will be good for the spectator is if you are part of the cast, or you are a marine.

Javier V (mx) wrote: Mucho trabajo me cost encontrar una versin que pudiera ver y al final no me pareci la genialidad de cinta. Me recuerda mucho a algo que ya hizo Ozone con Los Amantes Criminales, aunque cambia mucho el aspecto visual y la razn enfermiza de los trastornos de Chris. Cruda y realista aunque no logra atar.

Gary B (ru) wrote: This movie was a train wreck!

Iris P (kr) wrote: This movie is a great gay boy movie for lesbians. Watch if you are in the mood for cute and loveable characters, a predictable plot and toe tickling gay romance. If I were a gay man, though, I think I'd be dissapointed by the lack of sex in the film. Also a very creatively and thoughfully photographed film.

Sarah S (gb) wrote: If you take it with a grain of salt this is a really gorgeous movie. The storyline may be a little cliche'd - but Gackt, Hyde, and the rest of the cast are great and the storyline can get pretty emotional. All around it's just a fun movie and a great addition to any J-pop or vampire fan's collection.

Tommy B (it) wrote: excellent independent look at the harlem renaissance juxtaposed with the realities of a young artist navigating today's society...the more things change ... the more they stay the same (and sometimes that's not a bad thing).

Daniel K (mx) wrote: 2: I'd give the Romero half a 1.5 and the Argento held a 2.5, which means both are a disappointment, especially considering the films are inspired by Edgar Allen Poe stories. The production values seem incredibly low and almost everything about the film has a tacky 80's feel. Romero's picture is less than riveting even if it does have it's moments. He couldn't sustain the suspense or horror though. Argento does a markedly better job, partially due to Keitel I'm sure, but the picture is a pale shadow of his best work. Not much here is visually, aurally, or thematically inventive. The real strength of the film lies in Poe's tale.

Sowmya A (fr) wrote: It's fun but I would have loved to see Lynn Stone as the lead! Sarah Jessica Parker was not that great a choice!

Warren M (de) wrote: The ending was gayer than the music

Art S (ag) wrote: Here's a non-crime drama from Jean-Pierre Melville that somehow manages to elevate a talky dialogue between a young atheistic single mother (Riva) and a young charismatic Catholic priest (Belmondo) into rather absorbing cinema. Clearly, the influence Belmondo has over Riva is sexual -- which is highlighted by a very expressionistic moment late in the film -- and this clouds our understanding of whether she has been persuaded by his discourse. Melville's command of the camera, editing, and flow of the picture, is already well developed (don't say Bressonian), just before his string of masterpieces.

Rod H (ag) wrote: You can clearly see Crowe was born to play the leading man, an energetic, well crafted and intriguing film

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