• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:culture clash,  

In proper Swedish you say summer residents. But if you are a resident on the island you say bathe-fucks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Badjävlar torrent reviews

Roy C (it) wrote: Left ventricle, left ventricle you fool! Quiet as an elephant with extremely small feet, and home to resident municipal multitasking, oriental brain kicking, and an elder-abandoning institute. Ted and Estelle's love story brought me to tears. 'This is Winnie the Pooh. Copy Piglet?'

Richard S (es) wrote: Not bad.... a feel-good movie set in a hoity-toity retirement home in Ireland. Has a couple of transparent plot mechanisms but the two lead females are very easy on the eyes. Orla Brady's da owned the Temple Bar (maybe he still does!) and she was the model used in one or two of Jack Vettriano's paintings if you're into that kind of thing. Hayley Atwell held her Irish accent together quite well throughout and the movie presents a strong promotion for cannabis. If you can't bear to look at old people because you've been fed a diet of American TV/Movie pretty people - skip this one.

Iva P (br) wrote: Beautiful (and often naked) actress, but the film is shallow. Only the first half is quite funny, contrasting selfish Uschi with idealistic hippies.

Jessica H (fr) wrote: Nicolas Cage could have played crazy better, but Paul Walker looks the Part. Too bad there is to much of him in every part he's played. It makes it difficult to see him as the character and not just the Actor playing the guy pretending to be a different guy. If this does not bother you, you may be able to enjoy this movie.

Phil N (es) wrote: A chef (Tadanobu Asano) flees to Thailand having been forced to kill his lover, who also happened to be his boss's wife. However plans to lay low are dashed as he's being followed and gets mixed up with a fellow passenger. Pen-ek Rataruang's brooding morality tale frustrates and delights in equal measure. There are long scenes where very little happens, yet the Pan-Asian locations/casting works well and Christopher Doyle's cinematography is as sublime as ever.

Maryam T (it) wrote: Ok, A lot of things wrong with this movie xP

Lee (it) wrote: Gross-out comedy-horror with social satire undertones poking fun at obsessive health and clean-living freaks who fall prey to experimental drugs developed by a health farm which have disgusting side-effects. It's all jolly good fun but wasn't quite as funny as it could have been but there's plenty entertaining moments to enjoy. The make-up effects are brilliant and disgustingly OTT, full of blood, ooze, pus and melting skin... not a film to be eating lunch with! So it's a recommended watch, a bigger budget remake or sequel would be great!

Ca M (mx) wrote: good movie but slightly painful to watch.

Lilly K (fr) wrote: Every time I watch this film I can't stop laughing! I was twelve when I saw it for the first time so it always brings some sentimental memories on me and my little sister munching on apples in front of the telly laughing our pants off! lol Even though we could barely understand it then...It's a brilliant, funny, cheesy and yet moving film. Martin Short and Nick Nolte are just hilarious duo. Martin's act as a woman couldn't be more real! And when Nick is treated as a dog (after being wounded) by a crazy old vet, you just don't know if you should laugh or feel sorry for him! To me it's the funniest movie ever. And I am telling you, it's very hard to make me laugh lol..

Aaron M (jp) wrote: Cellular is a movie which has always stuck with me and I feel its very unrated. I have watched this movie more times than I can count and it still remains a high octane watch. Whilst I see why it cannot be seen as a thriller of top class, Im talking the over stereotypical characters and corny delivery, its still a witty and fast paced action movie. The plot is intelligent and unique allowing the movie to always go places and remain above pace. Theres a superb cast even if Kim Basinger doesnt provide her best performance and Jason Stathams skills go to waste. The movie suspenseful, energetic and damn right entertaining from start to end. Once victim and hero finally meet you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside and you feel totally satisfied by this excellent popcorn flick.

Talia M (ru) wrote: PATHFINDER as has been noted elsewhere is either a film you love or a film you hate. Yes, it is full of cliches, but has it not been said that there is no original story that has ever been told? This is my favorite Karl Urben film (or performance) ever. The tale of an outsider trying to save his family (tribe) and win inclusion at the same time --- what could be more humane?

Samantha K (fr) wrote: Lacks tension since the conclusion is apparent to those with even a basic amount of historical knowledge, but delivers a series of spectacular performances.