Badmaa$h Company

Badmaa$h Company

In the 1990s, Four young friends get together in Mumbai to start a company, which turns out to be an instant hit due to their unorthodox methods.

Four young friends get together in 90's middle class Mumbai to start a company, which turns out to be an instant hit due to their unorthodox methods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Badmaa$h Company torrent reviews

Tyler R (es) wrote: I really liked it. The plot moved at a very quick pace and kept you guessing till the end.

AW C (nl) wrote: Brilliantly silly and stupid, it plays intentionally on cliches galore and over the top everything. Even when its slower, its fascinatingly fun.

Skyler B (ag) wrote: This was pretty good, but the worst part about it is that it followed "Bender's Big Score" because it wasn't allowed to be the "fresh restart" for the series. Jokes are good, though, and there are way less songs than in "Big Score", something I thought was overly annoying in the first one.

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Ashley B (us) wrote: Only 2 Words Can Describe what I thought of this Movie... "Bloody Awesome" So Much Better than the Original

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Alright cute enough , bit of fun ....but at points hard to follow who was Prince and who Carfield . SOMDVD

Tim E (es) wrote: A clever movie that, despite its tendency to overreach, brings powerful human drama and new thoughts on the conventional 50's "American Dream".

Dan S (mx) wrote: A riveting, intelligently scripted drama concerning an ex-con (Bob Hoskins) fresh out of prison, who picks up a job as a driver for a high-priced prostitute (Cathy Tyson), who he eventually becomes infatuated with to the point where he makes a concerted effort to track down a close friend of hers that she lost in the dangerous business. An extremely well-paced, arresting tale full of twists, anchored by a ferocious, phenomenal performance from the always under-rated Hoskins makes this film a gem. The story is terrifically written, with a realistic, heart-wrenching twist in the midst of it all. While director Neil Jordan gets noted mostly for the well-done "The Crying Game", to me, this is the best movie he has done, at least that of what I have seen. Michael Caine is also great in a slimy turn against the types of characters he usually plays, and he pulls it off well, but this movie is mainly all Hoskins.

Ted W (de) wrote: Some movies age well and get more relevant with repeated viewings. This is not one of them. Now it's merely a curio mostly because of the cameo appearances of famous behind the camera film folk acting, such as Rick Baker, Roger Vadim and John Landis. Also interesting if you are a Jeff Goldblum completist (watch it as a double feature with Death Wish). Otherwise, this is a movie for laying down and avoiding.

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Francine L (it) wrote: Brilliant, sad, atmospheric

apollo h (kr) wrote: this one so far is my favorite one, can hardly wait until the new one

Alex T (es) wrote: Harmless, enjoyable, and pretty funny at times - plus Reese Witherspoon is really good.