Badou Boy

Badou Boy

Sarcastic look at Senegal's capital that followed the adventures of what the director described as a "somewhat immoral street urchin who is very much like myself".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Wolof
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sarcastic look at Senegal's capital that followed the adventures of what the director described as a "somewhat immoral street urchin who is very much like myself". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno L (ru) wrote: Really good! Giovanna Mezzogiorno was amazing. The performances are very powerful in general. The dark cinematography really lends itself to this dark period of human history. The film is very dramatic almost behaving like an opera with its dark, brooding music, larger then life headlines thrown across the screen and general attitude of sweet suffering. Themes of the insanity of war and maniacal pursuit of power come through loud and clear, even with minimal knowledge of Mussolinis life. More detailed knowledge, though, does help make sense of the last half, which moves quickly through history.

Greg W (au) wrote: good hong kong actioner

LeifErik A (jp) wrote: really stupid, one of the most worst movies i've seen

Terri M (nl) wrote: Nice idea, nifty ending but duller than watching paint dry.

Andrew S (de) wrote: This story isn't as good as the first one, but it's an easy movie to watch, just not very funny.

Armando P (gb) wrote: This movie is the Bible for teenagers discovering sex, drugs and Rock N Roll.

Private U (ru) wrote: This, without a doubt, the my favourite Korean movie of all time. Period.

Tom W (mx) wrote: From start to finish, this is one of the more solid thrillers I've seen in a good while...its well written, well paced, well acted...overall, there really isn't very much to say is wrong...I suppose my only qualms with it is that it wraps up rather neatly and that it doesn't really require very much thought or effort to watch outside of the subtitles (its a French production)...overall, its a great way to spend 84 minutes

Bob W (kr) wrote: Mostly forgotten thriller that is rarely shown on TV nor has it been available on DVD. Odd because this is Stanwyck's final film (everything after that was TV), it is William Castle as director after all, and the other cast are memorable. Twist ending, lots of screams, dream sequences, etc.

Wayne B (ru) wrote: Good film but was confused for a while when he changed into a dog.

Blake P (fr) wrote: Unique film! Phillip Marlowe (Montgomery) is hired by a company employee (Totter) to find her bosss missing wife. This movie is really cool! Robert Montgomery did one of the most stylish ways of filming-- the first person point of view. When he gets punched, you get punched, when he faints you faint, and that is a neat feeling, because I havent ever had this experience with any other movie. People felt the same way when it first came out, making it a commercial success. Audrey Totter is seriously talented, and she played her role really well, and probably outshone everyone else in the cast. Montgomery did a really good job of taking advantage of his cheap B-style sets, and made them look not as bad, so pretty smart. This is a movie you can really appreciate: it was considered really risky to have such a tricky camera setup, but it is really pulled off nicely. Yes, there are certain times that it might get a little bit annoying, but would it be the same if in the middle of the movie they put it in a regular style? No, and thats a big enough reason to see this. The Lady in the Lake might not be exactly something that everyone will like, but I did, and I think there will be a few that feel the same way.

OG M (au) wrote: Better than any comedy.

Omar B (br) wrote: funny but mostly a creative script that puts this movie in top