Pediatrician by day, single mom by night, SARAH invites her estranged husband, PETE, back to their suburban home for the Holidays on one condition: he must reconcile with their daughters ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:christmas,  

Pediatrician by day, single mom by night, SARAH invites her estranged husband, PETE, back to their suburban home for the Holidays on one condition: he must reconcile with their daughters ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Farah R (br) wrote: It's quite surprising that this movie got such a bashing from critics when it's not bad at all. Shia Leboeuf delivers an exquisite performance that practically saves the movie from its bad script.

Faisal S (ru) wrote: I will never look at a stone in the same way again. If you grew up learning predominately from your Nintendo 64 like me, you'll be going to the pictures to see this one with high expectations, and it doesn't disappoint. We all know Turok as an ice cool dinosaur destroyer of a man, complimented with a lean sunkissed body to be envied. Consequently the casting of Tariq Ijandi raised some eyebrows. With a complexion to match Turok's attitude rather than his skin, and a body more suited towards playing the role of a turtle, Ijandi was definitely not the obvious choice. Set in prehistoric times when dinosaurs were up and about, Turok sets off on a quest to discover more about himself; slowly realising that he will have to explore all the depths and cervices of his worst enemies to do so. Although our version of Turok doesn't have the tan the ladies wanted to see, or the veins popping out of his biceps to appease our male fanatics, but instead a scattering of veins concentrated around his eye sockets, don't leave this one early and give Tariq a chance. Once you get round to the fact that he doesn't really fit the bill, Tariq's tenacity, almost wolfish body language and volatile personality may catch you off guard in this depiction of the video game classic. He squares up to some quite frightening beasts, and I've never seen a rock thrown with such commitment; particularly when it pierces through one eye and unexplainably explodes out the other. Whilst we are on the topic of stones, I can't say im not disappointed by the lack of futuristic and unavoidably devastating weapons. Sure the film is about stones, but we must not forget the film is based on a video game, and not the other way around. I would have much preferred hearing the sound of spike coated winged grenade exploding amongst a heard of raptors; opposed to the somewhat dismal pre pubescent excuse of a roar leaving Turok's lips. Sure this wasn't the Turok of Nintendo 64, with the volcanic texture of his prominent nose matching the terrain of the locale set in Pompeii more than the actor matching the actual character, but you have to say he tries hard.

Justin T (gb) wrote: Middle of the road Rocky film, slow start but comes together in the end.

Facundo D (au) wrote: There's something consistent with russian films and there are all quirky in a way and i kinda like it. I think the film is very convincing. good script and acting.

Ian M (de) wrote: Sounds bloody hilarious! Must check it out...

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Frida is a really great movie that really made me learn about Frida Kahlo a lot. The movie is long, but it's enough to talk about her life. The visuals are really cool to look at, and Salma Hayek is really great which I'm glad that she got nominated for an Academy Award. The characters are memorable, especially Frida, and it's really surprising that Frida is ok with her husband's affairs, and it just seem like something that some guys would want to think of their wives. It stands out from other biopic painter movies, and it's very interesting to watch. The only problem I had is that they didn't seem to know what to do to put in Frida's sexuality and when it does, it just seem to come out of nowhere and is just more of an afterthought. Overall, Frida is quite an enjoyable treat to watch for fans of Frida Kahlo.

Keith L (au) wrote: At least the cars and women look sweet.

Dylan G (jp) wrote: A fun, and cheesy movie for kids!

Juliet H (ca) wrote: Good idea, good acting, terrible script and unsatisfactory ending.

Charles A (gb) wrote: A big hearty thumbs up from me!

Isaac T (gb) wrote: this is really just weird for a night at the museum movie the comedy is really dumb but sometimes will make you chuckle but the movie is pretty much like this they got to england making it have lots of british stereotypes and also they have really weird cameos tons of random action scenes where they are fighting huge dinosaurs greek statues and much more with a huge cast of really random people from the first movie