Baja Beach Bums

Baja Beach Bums

A cocky dot-commer hits rock bottom and has to patch his life together with what's at his disposal; a beach, a bus, some beer, and a burro. With the help of some surfers he learns to enjoy the here and now... wherever that may be.

A cocky dot-commer hits rock bottom and has to patch his life together with what's at his disposal; a beach, a bus, and a burro. With the help of some surfers he learns to enjoy the here and now... wherever that may be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob B (fr) wrote: Didn't think I would like it, and had my doubts about having this, the third actor to play the character. BUT I DID, I LOVED IT!

Jessica L (ag) wrote: The story itself and the message the movie is trying to convey is very relatable and true if you look pass all the porn and the sex (honestly this is nothing after watching Wolf of Wall Street). What I like about the script is that it is unpredictable, which I find is rare to find sometimes. As JGL's directing debut, he surely showed his directing talent. I like how he portrayed Don Jon's character and the changes his character goes through through his daily routine. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It's funny.

Jacob A (gb) wrote: This movie had a decent story, but did not stand up to the first at all,

Kyoko T (br) wrote: I personally like this kind of movie. It proved that Jessica alba can act. The little girl in the move was really good, and I really hope she will be a great actor in the future.

Heather B (de) wrote: Funny, heart warming, rainy day kind of movie.

Rhonda T (ru) wrote: A little unrealistic, but awesome just the same. A very strong Mother Wanda was in this movie and the Mother son bond- much like what I'd want to have with my son, if that had been our circumstances. The sound track is one to have, I'll be lookiing for it soon.

Tiger S (au) wrote: another pointless movie with no talent or a story line. This movie does nothing to stop me from wanting to jump off a cliff.

KARLA E (ag) wrote: very Chappelle in this

Jandei K (gb) wrote: brilliantly cheesy movie full of british wit and creative perspective of the war times

Jon D (es) wrote: Not as good as the naked Gun movies.

Andrew (it) wrote: This movie is quirky and funny, but still works as a horror movie. The music is great.

Ken T (de) wrote: As strange as the Showtime series..."

(ru) wrote: Despite this film's flaws, I think many broadway fans will be able to get into it. I know I could for the most part. Overall, a decent family flick.

Charles G (de) wrote: I find the movie still has charming to watch.

Paul D (ca) wrote: I had almost forgotten how awful this movie is! It follows the same story pattern as the first, only it forgot to be funny and entertaining. This is one movie that deserves to be lost in the 80's and forgotten.

William W (es) wrote: After seeing Sinatra's 'The Detective' and enjoying it, I decided to see his earlier-made 'Tony Rome', also directed by Gordon Douglas. This was very enjoyable and I loved the star-filled supporting cast...especially Jill St. John, Richard Conte, Gena Rowlands and even boxing great Rocky Graziano (I had earlier loved the Paul Newman-starred biopic on Graziano, 'Somebody Up There Likes Me').Solid...and I look forward to seeing its sequel, 'Lady in Cement'...

Mikko D (ca) wrote: It's a bit too old-fashioned but I like it. McQueen is in abnormal role for hime but I think he's doing fine as well gorgeous Natalie Wood. It's not underlining the vibes of comedy but it sure has some hilarious moments especially in the end.

Patrick L (mx) wrote: "It is a big disappointment on every aspect"DVD Movie Review: The Sea of TreesDate Viewed: December 3 2016Directed By Gus Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho, To Die For, Good Will Hunting, Milk, Finding Forrester, Promised Land and Psycho)Written By Chris SparlingStarring: Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts and Ken Watanabe.The relentlessly dull drama "The Sea of Trees" surprisingly makes those annoying Prevagen ads seem more enjoyable, you know those ads that say your brain has an ingredient that was originally discovered by jellyfish and appear over and over again on ABC's World News Tonight for no purpose whatsoever. This movie is certainly a depressing experience because talented people were involved here. It was directed by Gus Van Sant who is now far from his glory indie days and it stars Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey and Oscar-nominees Naomi Watts and Ken Watanabe.What is this movie about anyway? I guess it's supposed to be about finding redemption but there isn't a redeeming thing here in "Sea of Trees". McConaughey was already redeemed several years ago and he has now become a far more accomplished actor than I envisioned but 2016 looks to be a strangely disappointing year for him. "The Sea of Trees" got tremendously booed and laughed at by many critics during the Cannes film festival but I don't think it's that terrible. It just needed to make more sense and have a better narrative."The Sea of Trees" mostly takes place in a secluded forest near Japan's Mount Fuji where American professor Arthur Brennan (McConaughey) hopes to end his life. He is hoping to reconnect the love for his wife, Joan (Watts) and the both of them have been through tragic times. They kept on having fights, Joan was a self-driven alcoholic, she got sick, she recovered remarkably well but she got into a terrible car accident which resulted in her death. Now Brennan has decided to end his life in the "Suicide Forest" where it has become known for the numerous amount of people who have killed themselves there.In the forest, he meets a Japanese man who is also seeking the same purpose. Takumi Nakamura's (Watanabe) life is completely lost and he seeks to kill himself after being dishonored from his workplace. Takumi also misses his wife and child very much and encountering Arthur Brennan gives him some reason to keep moving forward. The two travel together and they search for possible redemption and hope for the future. "The Sea of Trees" also resorts to flashbacks of Arthur and Joan's hostile time in their marriage and Joan maybe on the brink of divorcing him because she thinks Arthur is going nowhere with his job profession.Arthur and Takumi start to become friends and they go a spiritual journey to self-healing and try to find their way home. "The Sea of Trees" is all moody, glum and depressing in the inside and even on the outside. By looking at the poster, you can tell that this movie is going to be dark, grim and sad but I didn't let out a single tear. The performers don't go into dramatic overdrive but "The Sea of Trees" is just a big pile of emptiness. Even so, Gus Van Sant has done far worse movies in the past ("Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and the awful 1998 shot-by-shot remake of "Psycho")."The Sea of Trees" is a big disappointment on every aspect.