Bajo la piel

Bajo la piel

Passion, criminal instincts an traditions melt together in this film, that shakes our conception of crime.

Passion, criminal instincts an traditions melt together in this film, that shakes our conception of crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tori L (ca) wrote: i saw this movie.. it actually kept me entertained but the ending i was like WTF?! like i didn't understand.... SPOLIER ALERT HERE!!!... well i don't understand why the man shot the girls.. like what was the point in shooting them.. who was he?

PierLuigi F (ru) wrote: very indie, low budget and home-cooked. Just good for a sat-night creep

Jacob P (de) wrote: One Of The Worst Horror Movies Ever. Poor Acting, Bad Special Effects (and I Mean BAD), Very Boring With No Plot To It.

Samantha P (ag) wrote: Gay love, inter racial and the brotherhood. History and roots. Age and youth.

Julie A (kr) wrote: Yet another film on the last 6 Chinese "kingdoms," which is to say the story of King of Qin, who becomes the first Emperor of China. Beautifully filmed, it's lush cinematography captures the imagination. Yet, a sad tale on how power corrupts.

Sarah S (au) wrote: Beautiful: kinky and fun. Loved it

Ben C (it) wrote: Stays with you far afterwards.

RJohn X (ru) wrote: What the heck?! I guess. Okay?There are satanic nuns, orgies, burning babies, a harpooning, an attack by slabs of meat, a tongue nailing, a bunch of stabbings, spiky pits, gypsy tarot card reader gets cat attacked, and mean mean professors of archeology! How could this suck you ask? well... I mean there is a topless ghost one minute, a shadow of a virgin mary statue the next, a possession (maybe) and some nerd getting ripped in half by tree branches for no reason really. Plus one of the lamest angry village mobs ever! The acting is horrible. The tourist railings along the "ancient evil monastery" are a mood killer. The dream sequences are terrible, white gown is backlit and pantyless, but the Keds really deaden the creepy.Prof. Paul Evans really is rather dumb, plus he is not very nice to Suzie! Stab. Stab. Stab. I would say avoid, but really, you should see this one. Really.

Cassandra M (ag) wrote: A scrupulously punctual headmaster in an English comprehensive school sets off for the Headmaster's Conference to deliver a keynote speech. One little slip sees him boarding the wrong train, which leads to a chain of consequences conspiring to keep him from his goal. This is one of the finest farces I've ever seen brought to the screen, written naturally enough by theatre farce-meister Michael Frayn. The frenetic energy of John Cleese in his prime really lifts this above the norm, as he hitches a ride with a student, bumps into and kidnaps an ex-girlfriend and winds up naked in a monastery. The climactic scenes at the HMC amount to perhaps the finest pay-off seen in farce. This is, indeed, a historic moment.

Rick Q (us) wrote: "two for the road" is an enjoyable film with fun and charming performances from audrey hepburn and albert finney. the story jumps forwards and backwards often without a warning, and is written very well like that, and the actors' makeup is subtle, yet noticeable to make them look older.

Walker P (kr) wrote: awsome, keeps you thrilled till the phrase.

Ernest A (de) wrote: Some funny lines here and there, cute animals, Curtis's physique and the presence of two of the Pythons.

Tad O (it) wrote: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and Jeff Daniels are always watchable when they are on screen. The rest of the actors and the movie as a whole are otherwise pretty forgettable. Pacing is slow and there is surprisingly little action. JGL's makeup to make him look more plausibly like a young Bruce Willis didn't really do the trick and ended up being more distracting than helpful.The secondary characters outside of Daniels really didn't do much. There were also a couple of head-scratching errors that weren't explained and kind of rendered the whole plot meaningless, but I won't spoil them here.Not exactly a boring movie, but you'll forget about it 5 minutes after it's over.

Heather A (ag) wrote: I'm not sure why but I didn't enjoy the ending. It was a nice journey.