Basically this is the story of a gypsy fairy-tale figure, Balamos, who is looking to buy a horse. From some point onwards, the film becomes a series of fantasy sequences: Balamos as a slave in biblical times; an encounter with a prophet who witnessed Christ's crucifixion; an encounter with an oracle; Balamos as some sort of vampire etc. In the end he returns to real life.

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Balamos torrent reviews

Michael M (ru) wrote: A chilling portrayal of true evil.

David D (mx) wrote: Well crafted film that often brings us back to the same feelings that made OZ such an amazing film back in 1939.

Kevin G (nl) wrote: Vraiment weird avec le Taureau geant...

kathy t (de) wrote: didn't think I would enjoy but I did. The charator Simon had many demetions( misspelled) to him and you can see him change through out the movie.

Robyn N (nl) wrote: After Refn made an unsuccessful English-language debut with 2003's "Fear X," he returned to Denmark to shoot parts two and three of "The Pusher Trilogy." But the new films aren't a continuation, and the layoff didn't dull Refn's ability to tell an engaging crime story. In "Pusher 2: With Blood On My Hands," the film explores a drug-dealer's former sidekick as he deals with new challenges in the world of crime, drugs, and becoming a father.Frank's ex-sidekick from the first film, Tonny, wonderfully played by Mads Mikkelsen is fresh out of prison. Tonny is eager to prove his worth as earner and son to his crime boss father (Leif Sylvester Petersen), known as the Duke. Routinely called a loser by everyone he knows -- he practically invites abuse by sporting a tattooed "respect" on the back of his bald head. Tonny also tries to ingratiate himself with his recalcitrant father (Leif Sylvester Petersen), who can hardly trust him with anything. The back-breaking straw is the appearance of a baby that Tonny's old non-girlfriend (Anne Sorensen) claims is his. The bitterness and betrayal mounts as Tonny begins to wonder if he should rewrite his life, and the fate of the neglected infant.At its core, the film about is about broken families and serves as a stark reminder of the lasting effects on our actions can have on future generations. Tonny's entire life has been spent on only one thing: trying to gain the approval of his father. And not only that he learns on his release that he is very likely the father of a baby boy, one so neglected by his junkie mother that he hasn't even been given a name yet. Refn is painting a bleak picture of a child without a chance. He is in complete control behind the camera, but this film belongs purely and simply to Mikkelsen. He is absolutely stunning, flawlessly embodying the insecurities and desire that drives Tonny. Against all odds, Tonny becomes a sympathetic hero in an increasingly tragic tale. It's not hard to spot the need that drives his self-destructive behavior: it's practically written all over his face - or at least the back of his head.

Brody M (jp) wrote: Not bad but not great either

Michael K (de) wrote: A Godawful Hammer horror opus, Lust For A Vampire is one of the worst films they ever made and by far the worst of the Karnstein trilogy. It has some unintentionally funny moments but otherwise give it a miss and watch a decent Hammer film instead; there are plenty to chose from.

Andrei D (us) wrote: Ca un Fargo cu mai putina imaginatie dar actori solizi

Amy M (us) wrote: Stumbled onto this one on PBS and stayed up too late watching it. A bit on the campy side, but enjoyable.