Balancing Act

Balancing Act

A married man with children has to move out after his wife can't cope with his cheating with another woman once. He then has to cope to support his family although he has just not very ...

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Calvin R (us) wrote: Justice league war is everything what justice league and animation suppose to look like. Its voice over is astonishing and animation was excellent !

Lauren S (mx) wrote: All of the actors delivered beautiful performances, but the pacing really made this film difficult to watch.

Alexander C (de) wrote: ......................

Andrey B (gb) wrote: Good biopic about probably the greatest boxer of all time.

Mike S (ag) wrote: While this film certainly never reaches the heights of the original MAJOR LEAGUE, or even those of MAJOR LEAGUE 2, MAJOR LEAGUE 3: BACK TO THE MINORS is an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and manages to give the audience a few laughs along the way. There's nothing truly spectacular in this film. We're introduced to some old faces, although quite a bit of the cast is new this time around. Scott Bakula turns in a fun performance as the film's protagonist, who takes on the task of turning around a struggling minor league team in the Minnesota Twins organization. Where the film really falls flat is in the baseball sequences, which is a shame. Most of the scenes that happen on the actual field are heavily done with CGI rather than doing them for real. This distracts heavily when it comes time for the scenes on the diamond. Bakula proves to be at ease with the comedy he's given in the film, and without his performance this film would probably be an outright disaster, but his likability is enough to keep the viewer engaged even though most of the rest of what is going on around him is mediocre at the very best.

sandi (nl) wrote: funny as hell but average movie

Mike D (ag) wrote: 100% awesome. Honestly.

Anna Q (br) wrote: Hey look! It's Bitter Reviewer Guy!

Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: Lo inesperado siempre nos acecha...Una historia con tintes voyeristas que nos permite adentrarnos en la vida de personas que podran ser nuestros vecinos, una pelcula que afianza la idea de creer en que todo puede ser mejor...

aynge m (br) wrote: Very cute and sweet.

Film G (us) wrote: This was a really meh movie. Very uneventful and I found the casting of Tom Cruise as a Nazi commander preposterous and the fact that he or no one even tried in the slightest doing a German accent.

Valentina N (gb) wrote: if I didn't know this was a Rolf de Heer film [Ten Canoes/The Tracker], I don't think I would have lasted past the cling film scenes. However, I liked it. I think he's a really clever film maker. Good at portraying what is to many, the flip side of life, but a reality for many more.