Balkan Express 2

Balkan Express 2

A group of musicians, whose band is called "Balkan express", in fact a quintet of small-time crooks , trying to make some money in Nazi-occupied Serbia.

A quintet of small-time crooks that works under disguise of a musical band become the supporters of Partisan resistance movement in WW2. Being forced to escape to another part of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Balkan Express 2 torrent reviews

WS W (ag) wrote: Another boring shit, well, at least it tried to work something out in the story.

Eric K (fr) wrote: I genuinely loved this movie. It's a light comedy about some obstacles in life and left an impression on me at least. Thank you for making this movie.

Randy P (kr) wrote: I want to punch everyone who was involved with this film right in the throat.It's an unfunny, ugly comedy.No jokes, no gags, no lines, no situations were funny, but at the most stupid and/or gross.I beg everyone to stay away from this film.

Isaiah J (ru) wrote: Great story and loved seeing Woody Harrelson back

Ryan P (br) wrote: Meh. Really wanted to like this, it had an excellent premise, but the film (through the main character) made way too many missteps for my liking. You're supposed to sympathize with coming of age characters, aren't you? Tsotsi is introduced as a total douche from the start, and I never wavered that opinion of him, even when he reached his epiphany of goodness. None of the performances were particularly good, and the same can be said for the directing. A very mediocre film, in my opinion.

Bill B (au) wrote: A film that had been on the Netfux Queue forever that finally turned up in the mailbox, this wasn't anything I was really dying to watch, but I figured that it was time, right? This tells the story of suspicions that arise when a teenaged girl is killed in a small neighborhood where some old buddies are brought back together by the tragedy. It's a decent little watch, thoguh I don't know exactly what might inspire me to revisit it in the future, so I'm pleased to have only rented it.Solid rental.

Robert L (us) wrote: Not as good as the amazing book, still a must for anybody who believes in a Good Old Days.

Eric H (au) wrote: A story so simple, yet very touching, excellent performances, and a strong soundtrack makes this a movie you can't get out of your mind.Some people regard this as a comedy, and maybe in the beginning you may regard some of the lines as funny, but actually this is a very tragic tale of youth and the lives they live.

Dorothea P (mx) wrote: I love this movie wished I could get it on DVD!!!

Ray S (ru) wrote: want a copy of this movie,can not find anywhere.

Brandon M (ca) wrote: Wow the hate this film is getting. Its a good action movie.

Ian B (mx) wrote: One of Vincent Price's best! An extremely dark comedy that's also surprisingly gory (rare for a Price film). You can tell everyone is having a blast as Price recites plenty of Shakespeare while poking fun at his image, and Diana Rigg is hilarious to watch as she goes completely over-the-top. There's plenty of creepy atmosphere to go along with all the gory mayhem and a pretty good story too. A true horror camp classic!

Raquel O (ca) wrote: One of my favorite older movies.

Dave S (de) wrote: James Corden - Brilliant!