Based on the plot of an award-winning Crayon Shin-chan animated movie from 2002, a boy named Shinichi (Takei) does the time-traveling and meets a feared general named Ijiri Matabei (Kusanagi). Ijiri is in love with Princess Ren (Aragaki) who subsequently rejects an arranged marriage to Okura Itakatora (Osawa), a powerful daimyo of northern Kanto. Enraged by the rejection, Okura sends a large army to Ijiri's smaller state and it's up to Shinichi to change their destiny.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,   samurai,  

A movie examining a young boy's first encounter with true fear in his endless pursuit of courage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric P (ru) wrote: Sorry to say but with names like Hilary Swank and Brenda Blethyn in it and its and HBO original movie you hope for more of a film then this film that seem to feel like a few short stories tied up into one big mess of a movie

Jeremie D (fr) wrote: a voir pour tout les papas et mamans de ce p'tit monde

M C (fr) wrote: A horribly plotted, but sometimes entertaining sequel. The piranha's design looks pretty good, but nobody thought to put any sort of slime effect on them to cover up that they are made of rubber and foam. The acting is okay, but I would like expect the cast to do a bit more with the pretty funny script. The real problem here is the plot. No amount of raunchy scenes, comedy, and gore can distract you from the stupidity of it, I mean seriously- the trailer shows it all. It's just buildup to one scene, with a very small amount of suspense or scares. I wouldn't recommend seeing it unless it's in 3D. Piranha 3DD is in all a disappointment. 40/100

Sanjay T (nl) wrote: Fun(ny) and rebellious high school comedy!

Lyle G (au) wrote: One of the most unfunniest movies I have ever seen.

Bryan C (es) wrote: A tremendous telling of a terrible and terrifying story.Grade: A

Jordan P (jp) wrote: The unnecessary nudity detracted from the beauty of the movie and made it feel cheap while the introduced love plot there was uninteresting, but there were many sweet and interesting stories of diverse kinds of love that made it still a worthwhile film to enjoy should those sections be removed.

DAndra R (nl) wrote: Macy is superb. Absolutely gripping and believable. Meatloaf again proves his acting range with his character of the racist neighbor. Awesome movie; propells the audience into action-leaves you with an urgency to do "the right thing".

Timothy M (nl) wrote: It's Stakeout, but this time with Rosie?!? Awww, this I gotta see!!

Michael S (de) wrote: A heaping helping of early 90s cheese. The racing scenes are exciting, but the rest assembly line Simpson/Bruckheimer filler.

Steven Mogi (it) wrote: Makes me want to go to Hawaii.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Seven Thieves is an entertaining film. It is about Theo Wilkins recruits his young protg Paul Mason to help him rob the famous casino in Monte Carlo of $4 million. Edward G. Robinson and Rod Steiger give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. Henry Hathaway did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama. Seven Thieves is a must see.

Bill T (nl) wrote: A remarkably slow build up (the first half doesn't move much at all) into much of nothing, really. Just boredom.

Jackson S (mx) wrote: Rita Hayworth is spectacular

RA L (ca) wrote: Episdica y sentimental, pero se mantiene bastante slida; explota muy bien los recursos dramticos del cine. / Episodic and sentimental, but remains pretty solid; uses very well the dramatic possibilities offered by cinema.

Alice S (jp) wrote: An abused wife flees her sadistic cop-husband and learns to love again with a widower and his kids in what could be a Lifetime movie - complete with big twist ending! - save for the big name actors and director. Julianne Hough shows incredible vibrancy and emotional range out on the dance floor, but in summoning bodily restraint for a film role, she becomes a personality vacuum. Josh Duhamel seems at home enough as the hunky and jovial single dad, and David Lyons really creeps it up as the corrupt and deranged abuser, hot on his wife's trail. The movie is heavy on the folksy charm of a seaside tourist town and only skin-deep with the abuse recovery, but it's still guiltily watchable.