A single mother and her embattled son struggle to subsist in a small Mississippi Delta township. An act of violence thrusts them into the world of an emotionally devastated highway store owner, awakening the fury of a bitter and longstanding conflict.

A drama set in the Mississippi delta, where one man's suicide affects three people's lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ballast torrent reviews

Vijay K (ru) wrote: love its trail\er clips

Deven L (br) wrote: Very exciting and unique. I couldn't look away!

Adam M (ca) wrote: Sequel to the remake that wasn't that great anyway. When the one survivor from the first movie dies randomly her sister decides she has to return to the haunted mansion and find out whats going on. Thats before she's actually forced into it by a rival who's after some baphomet statue thing thats worth 5 million pounds but theres a writer/archiologist involved who also wants it put in a museum. Problem is, the ghosts at the mansion have something to say about that. Its all very predictable meaning the scares aren't scary and the attempts at humour don't work. So, a couple of cool deaths and a couple of hot women aside, this is pretty shit really.

Greg W (nl) wrote: reely manages to capture the essence of Douglas Sirk films-how do I know I'm a BIG fan of Sirk movies and this comes the closest to the master's work.

Dylan G (mx) wrote: This movie is the work of a complete genius, you must be a complete sourpuss to hate this movie! A+

Sharon L (es) wrote: Watched it in science class in middle school. Watched it a few years later. Loved it. I also recommend the TV series. Sure, it's a bit formulaic in some ways, and its universe is slightly confusing, but the universe is ultimately very creative. The characters are enjoyable, the jokes, while probably pretty childish, are pretty hilarious. Sure, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved this movie, and I loved the TV show.

Tim P (nl) wrote: Johnny Depp's accent was so bad I kept expecting him to break in to Chim Chimney.

Filipe C (mx) wrote: If you want a girl to like you, take her to see this movie. By the end, you'll be acting out the pie scene, you'll want to fall in love, you'll want to go on an adventure together... you'll want to be Clarence and Alabama. Easily one of the best romantic comedies of all-time

Christine S (nl) wrote: Totally awesome, but I'm a big fan of Kate Mulgrew and you have to see her perform to understand why it's a good movie.

Bryce I (fr) wrote: While being Chaplin's least funny film, the tearjerker affect is an interesting take for Chaplin. Being known for changing a genre single handed and then changing your style last minute is one of the riskiest things a film maker could do. Personally, I believe that Chaplin's change in character was a brilliant transition. Almost as if he took his most famous character "The Tramp" and changed his name. He always was one of the most talented actors in the business, but he never got a moment to show it. It's a masterpiece, and could easily be called Charlie's "Citizen Kane". But it's not an easy film. Boring at times, and it has a tendency to drag on. Not the most original film either, and even as the metaphor that it is, it does not show the cleverness or uniqueness that we are used to. But this is a brilliant film. Perhaps one of the best. Chaplin knew his cinema, and he always knew the right moments to make someone laugh. Or in this case, cry.

Alex V (es) wrote: Miss good 00s thrillers.

Michael G (ag) wrote: This is a lively great put together movie. With snappy dialog and a plot that will keep you guessing until the end. Highly recommended.

Dan W (us) wrote: Just terrible.. if I found out this was a tv movie, I wouldn't be at all surprised.