Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes

An unusual explorer named Gum and his kindly niece adopt three orphans -- Pauline, Petrova and Posy -- and raise them as sisters in 1930s London. But the girls must fend for themselves when Gum doesn't return from one of his adventures. Together, they nurture their passions for acting, aviation and ballet in this charming TV adaptation of Noel Streatfield's novel.

Adopted by an eccentric explorer (Richard Griffiths), three orphans (Emma Watson, Yasmin Paige, Lucy Boynton) struggle to fulfill their ambitious dreams, Pauline as an actress, Petrova in fixing engines, and Posy as a dancer, in 1930s London. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph F (au) wrote: A NEW LINCOLN movie?? Seriously?? lol.. Well I hopes its as good as the las one.

Aaron B (mx) wrote: Conversations about masturbation, interactions with a cat, a hamburger penis, a threesome, and a relationship that goes nowhere are all apparently factors that go into making a great film according the Joe Swanberg. I beg to differ. I initially thought I was a huge Swanberg fan, but now I'm starting to think he may be a very hit or miss director.

D M (jp) wrote: A documentary filled with interviews of actors in and fans of the Psycho series. The documentary spends about 20 mins on the original Psycho film (the only one I know), and didn't get into enough of how Hitchcock worked. The documentary didn't make me want to go out and watch the rest of the series. I am surprised the original actor stuck through with the film series in one way or another until its 1990s made-for-TV finale. I guess it'd be better if I'd seen more of these movies.

Tristan A (de) wrote: I'm a sucker for films of this genre anyway, but "Holy Rollers" is in the tier of maybe even "Blow". Eisenberg is his brilliant self and Bartha shows he can do more than just party hard in Vegas or Thailand.

Richard H (au) wrote: It could be ok, I don't know....

DaljaKpop D (au) wrote: El detective fue maravilloso aunque la resolucin de la trama no me convencio del todo.

Aris A (mx) wrote: so sad but strangely beautiful at the same time, seeing four abandoned child and their interaction, kore eda sure know how to raise cinema standard at that time.

Polska J (mx) wrote: Really powerful movie towards the end. Had me in tears. Good movie though!

Kervin S (ru) wrote: Funny, sad, real, slight, just a surprising movie. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates good foreign independent films.

Gavin D (it) wrote: This isn't a great movie. Many, including myself, would say that it isn't a good movie. The first 30 minutes are some of the most dreadful I've ever seen. Unnecessary flashbacks, sophomoric philosophical revelations, and cardboard cutout characters are just a few of the treats in store for viewers. But somewhere along the way, Red Planet becomes an interesting, fun to watch sci-fi adventure.

Staci P (kr) wrote: Fabulous & funny. Dreyfuss shines.

Lanning (ca) wrote: Update 07/29/08: I just watched this again for the umpteenth time. It never fails to move me. I'm jumping it up to five full stars and adding it to my Top 100. End update. And speaking of Hayley Mills, this is a classic. Rosalind Russell was a huge talent. And if you can believe it, Ida Lupino directed this. No, Hayley, you cannot become a nun. Please. But I'm convinced that it's what you must do. Where is June Harding? She was so good in this. Rosalind Russell is an all-time all-star.

Valiant P (ru) wrote: Beautiful movie. An inspiration for what movies should really be like.

James Joseph L (fr) wrote: A good WW2 film with Mitchum producing a fine performance as the "big dumb marine" though Deborah Kerr does irritate after a while with her monotone Irish accent as she plays the reclusive, prudish nun. The chalk and cheese characters create an unusual chemistry with Mitchum showing his dopey vulnerability and Kerr her spiritual moral piety. The cinematography and direction is fairly well done by John Huston, especially some of the military scenes. Look out for the scene where Mitchum comes face to face with a huge rat,a scene that must have influenced Lucas/Spielberg when making the Indiana Jones rats scene. The plot moves at a nice steady pace and the script is believable and at times quite humorous. Certainly worth a watch as Mitchum does macho like few others with his all action hot blooded marine and Kerr provides the perfect foil as the reserved frosty nun. Good Sunday afternoon fare.

Adrian B (nl) wrote: Likable sports movie about a group of young men known locally as the Cutters who often get into disputes with the jocks of Bloomington University (which is located in the state of Indiana). One of the four Cutters, Dave Stoller (Dennis Christopher), is an avid cyclist who is influenced by the Italians and drives his parents (Paul Dooley and Barbara Barrie) crazy with his behaviour, up to including speaking Italian and shaving his legs. Eventually he cons an attractive university student (Robyn Douglas) in pretending to be an Italian exchange student. That doesn't end with for him, along with taking after the influence of being a mock Italian cyclist. Not always a successful story, but one that contains believable characters and situations. I can relate to the four young guys who are not sure what do with their lives after high school.

Vuong B (fr) wrote: funny and has good acting

Ada D (nl) wrote: Resident Evil: Afterlife Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the fourth film of the series was shot in stunning 3D. We join Alice on her search for survivors after the deadly T-Virus outbreak. It was short and thrilling, Milla Jovovich brings another great performance. The action scenes were fine and fun especially in 3D, I do think it lacked somewhat in story and execution. We also added a new character Chris Redfield (for those who don't know he is a main character of the popular game franchise.) I think it was a huge mistake to add him in the story halfway through, it makes no sense and the fans of the games do not enjoy it. Overall it was okay but had problems.

Tom M (gb) wrote: The Book of Eli is a solid post-apocalypse thriller that does not sink to deep but is lead by another solid outing from Denzel Washington.

Marius F (de) wrote: It wasn't one of the films I usually enjoy but I did enjoy it. I think you need a certain frame of mind to fully appreciate it.

Ryan B (gb) wrote: Most boring movie I've seen from Stallone so far. From beginning to end this movie has no excitement, there was one scene where there's a shootout but that only lasts 5 minutes if that. The only reason I continued to watch it was because it was a Stallone movie, in fact I wouldn't have watched if he wasn't in it. The story is simple but the director made it so boring you almost forget what your watching. Stallone may have a lot of action films but this is definitely not one of them. The acting I think was the best part about the movie and that's kinda sad in my head, but even the acting wasn't spectacular and I get it it's an old movie and they didn't have the same technology they have today to have made it any better. In all honesty I didn't give this film my full attention, it lost my focus about half an hour into it but I did listen to it throughout the whole thing which was pretty dreadful. Bottom line is is this movie is was horrible and in no way would I ever choose to watch it again...unless I got paid to do so. Highly Unrecommended