Jesse Gavin is an undercover cop, part of an elite police team and highly skilled in lethal martial arts! She is suspended from the force after a witness that she was supposed to protect is killed. She must now find out what happened and clear up her name.

Jesse Gavin is no ordinary policewoman; she knows how to handle herself in any situation. She's an undercover cop, part of an elite police team and highly skilled in lethal martial arts! ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Artan A (nl) wrote: Wouldn't predict this comin from Woody Allen!

Walter M (jp) wrote: In "Red Hook Summer," Colleen(De'Adre Aziza) drops her thirteen year old son Flik(Jules Brown) off in Brooklyn to spend the summer with her father, Enoch(Clarke Peters), a Baptist preacher and boiler repairman. None of which is to Flik's liking, starting with the accommodations. And then there is the lack of air conditioning, the non-vegan food and most importantly the lack of television. All of which he records faithfully with his Ipad 2. At least, there are the sunday school snacks which he consumes with his new friend Chazz(Toni Lysaith). Even with a shocking third act plot twist that is more Old Testament than New Testament, "Red Hook Summer" is more often than not an evocative look at a boy's expanding his boundaries, both physically and mentally. And a very good performance from Clarke Peters certainly helps matters. But like with other of his recent movies, Spike Lee has a lot easier time with what he wants to say, than in how he says it which is usually just as important, even with the occasional directorial flourish.(It should come as no surprise how little difference there is between a rant and a sermon.) An example of this is on the subject of gentrification as the neighborhood of Red Hook does not come alive on screen like it should have.

Aishwarya R (ca) wrote: Please spare yourself from this catastrophe. Its a lame attempt by two old, ex- so called movie stars trying to revive and retain their youthful/potent image. Portrays women as use and throw matter particles. Men with big ponches/badly dyed hair and average acting skills as show stoppers! Adopts ideas from various movies... so rarely any originality in there, thereby reducing any scope for minimal possible appreciation. With Ajith and Arjun addressing each other with their "thunder striking,long gone" titles of "thala" and "Action King", it clearly brings out their immaturity in accepting that they no longer hold ground and desperate trials to make the audience believe that they are still potent enough to carry off these titles!!! I am totally ashamed of watching this one and I post this review in sincere hope of saving some sane souls who still go to watch tamil movies in the hope of finding some decent entertainment.

Aditi J (nl) wrote: Looks Interesting. Can't wait to see it

Taylor S (it) wrote: pretty good B movie !

Seymour F (de) wrote: An inert movie. Super book by Raymer, totally botched as a film despite a good cast. Badly edited, totally lifeless, a waste of time and talent. Do read the book.

Sasha K (ru) wrote: wow, a reeeally interesting movie..

Maahir K (it) wrote: the direction of thisfilm is outstanding. Feroz abbas khan has written and directed it very well. Akshay and Bhoomika have put in amazing perfomces. Kudos to this movie!

Judson H (ca) wrote: Liam Neeson is as awesome and bad ass as always. That's the only real reason why this movie is any good. Not the greatest plot, and the sicko villains aren't anything to right home about. Like I said though, it's LIAM NEESON!!!

Maria Antonia Z (gb) wrote: O reteiro muito interesante e as atuaes so timas. A cena de estupro corajosa e a personalidade dos personagens so absurdas (embora todo ns sabermos que so reais). H um pecado: fotografia. Tudo bem que talvez tenha sido problema de oramento, mas que ficou ruim, ficou. A parte das cabeas a pior... no precisava daquilo!

Michael W (fr) wrote: The Leprechaun goes gangsta on a group of friends from the hood who retrieve his gold. Not sure if a return trip to the hood was necessary but series continues to deliver quality scenes such as the Leprechaun chatting up a lady on a cell phone. One of the best horror franchises start to finish; no four leaf clovers but no Irish plagues either.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: Ice Cube ruins the entire movie and the presence of an actor like William Dafoe can't even save this shit.

Ashleydeth G (au) wrote: my favorite jet li's movie ever

Anniina J (ca) wrote: This is one of those hidden gems -- the premise makes it sound like it might be hokey and predictable, but is so subtly executed and deftly acted that it's brilliant.

cli o (kr) wrote: ehh. . . . no thanks

Angelo Dean B (br) wrote: 2 Stars! Fell Asleep. I woke up, my television was watching me.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Pretty fun Agatha Christie story starring Peter Ustinov as the entertaining detective Hercule Poirot. The first half is pretty slow, I know it's supposed to introduce the characters and show all the different motives, but it was sort of dull at parts. However, once the death happens at the halfway point the film picks up. Good ensemble with Maggie Smith and of course Peter Ustinov being the stand outs. This is only the third Christie film I've seen so I'll have to check out some more.

Thomas K (ca) wrote: What, you expected great art from the stoner's version of a Hope and Crosby movie? No, it's not artistic in any way but if it doesn't make you laugh then you may very well be dead. Check your pulse.

Barney o (it) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: With the stakes raised, we see a harsher side to Bond's character and some pretty exciting new environments. What's more, the cold-war plot allows for some against the clock tension, and abolishes some of the cringe-worthy humour of the previous installmentsWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Sadly, it's not Connery's best installment - over-abundant 'explosive' action and endless scored montages manage to extinguish my engagement. It's sexism/racism can be cringey to endure, too.VERDICT: It might make you tense sometimes, and it might appear explosive, but 'You only live twice' can't live up to it's predecessors.