Baltic Sessions

Baltic Sessions

Set at the Pokerstars Baltic festival, the crew with shadow the biggest names in Poker, as they talk about their love and passion for the game.

Set at the Pokerstars Baltic festival, the crew with shadow the biggest names in Poker, as they talk about their love and passion for the game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhys T (ag) wrote: I like the movie but it's not as good as the first one but over all great action and an okay sorry

Joshua L (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. It hit pretty close to home for me in a lot of ways so I found it kind of inspiring.

Jonathan P (de) wrote: This is a terrible movie. The acting is atrocious (with the slight exception of Michael Jai White), the plot is absurd, cliche (and not in a good way), and riddled with plot holes. Yet for everything Never Back Down 2 does wrong for some reason it is strangely appealing. Perhaps it is my odd love of 80s ninja and karate movies (though this has little to do with that genre other than the fighting). Whatever it is Never Back Down 2 has won a small place in my heart though I would never admit to it or recommend it to anyone.

Ian P (ag) wrote: This Is England is most definitely one of the very best British films of the twenty-first century, and for me ranks as Shane Meadows most outstanding to date. Meadows draws on his own personal experiences as a skinhead during the early 1980's. This Is England is set during the summer months of 1983 at the time of "Thatcher's Britain" and indeed the era of the skinheads, punk, racism and fascism.Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) is a lonely 11 year old kid growing up on a rough council estate in the North Of England. He is grieving the sudden loss of his father after he was killed in the horrific Falklands War. Encountering incessant bullying at school, Shaun meets a gang of friendly, multi-cultural, dope-smoking skinheads, headed by Woody (Joseph Gilgunn) who immediately are drawn to his sadness and confusion and subsequently take the boy under their wing. However when one of the gang's old members Combo, (Stephen Graham) a vicious, racist thug and bully, is released from prison, Shaun is manipulated by Combo's way of thinking and racist attitude and turns into a thug himself, convinced he would be making his late Dad proud. After Combo brutally beats up Shaun's friend Milky (Andrew Shim) and exposes his own deep vulnerability and unbalanced mental state, Shaun comes back down to earth (and his senses), realising the lifestyle he'd been leading was not really for him, nor would it have made his Dad proud.Though the first half of This Is England is touchingly funny, drawing on the allure and fun of being in a gang, the second half soon makes way for a much darker, raw and gritty nature, with many violent episodes, highlighting the brutally stark racism that existed at the time (and still does unfortunately!. Shane Meadows shrewdly evokes the total working-class despair of "Thatcher's Britain", capturing the era impeccably well and is all impressively authentic in detail.Like every other of Shane Meadows absolutely superb films, the acting and dialogue is astutely naturalistic, drawing you in from the opening scene. Most outstanding of all is the immensely talented youngster Thomas Turgoose who's almost stark performance never once shrinks from being anything but powerful and convincing. Indeed the cast are all thoroughly excellent that includes another notably powerful turn from the ever-brilliant Stephen Graham as Combo; Joseph Gilgunn as the lovable, kindly rogue Woody who is the leader of the gang that Shaun first joins and who also refuses to be brainwashed by Combo's unhinged way of thinking and racial hatred; Jo Hartley as Shaun's mum Cynth who upon meeting the gang headed by Woody becomes charmed by them , after having had serious reservations when first seeing her young son with a shaved head; Andrew Shim as the friendly Milky; Vicky McClure as the more sensible, level-headed Lol and Rosamund Hanson as the eccentric but likable Smell.Truly an out and out masterpiece, This Is England is an often funny, often shocking and often deeply moving portrait of a moment in British cultural history.

Muhammad F (us) wrote: Ah, another great film by Manuel de Oliveira. With the amazing grandpere, Michel Piccoli.I have nothing to say about this film, except EXQUISITELY BEAUTIFUL.

Melvin W (kr) wrote: Steal This Movie is an interesting, captivating, and for the most part unknown biopic of Abbie Hoffman. I will watch anything Vincent D'Onorfio is in; no matter if it's a critically acclaimed film like Full Metal Jacket, a television show(Law and Order) or a unknown movie like this or Staten Island. He's a very good and under appreciated actor. Once again he gives an eccentric and flawless performance as a leader of the counter-culture movement of the 1960's. I won't go into the full details of Abbies life, but basically the government started to perceive him as dangerous and forced him to "go underground." He left behind a wife and son who he could only talk to through letters as he was being searched for by the FBI. The last half of Steal This Movie is damn near flawless. The movie features a great soundtrack featuring "Season of the Witch," "The Star Spangled Banner"(Hendrix style) and many protest songs that we've all heard throughout the years. Steal This Movie is definitely a movie that deserves some respect.

Nicole P (de) wrote: it an ok movie !!!!!!!!!

Carl M (fr) wrote: Linda Blair stars as the happy-go-lucky housewife Nancy Aglet who falls back under the devil's spell and becomes REPOSSESSED! Now, Father Mayii must come back out of retirement if he hopes to save her soul for good. If you thought Elvira's puns were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet! REPOSSESSED hits the bottom of the barrel when it comes to horror comedies. It is an agonizingly unfunny spoof of THE EXORCIST that reaches for the same style of inane humor found in the AIRPLANE or THE NAKED GUN films, but comes up desperately short. Leslie Nielsen returns as another naive and nitwitted character, garnering very few laughs as he stumbles through one ill-conceived set-up after another. Director Bob Logan attempts to poke fun at everything from televangelists to fitness clubs(?), and can never seem to pick a solid direction for the film to follow. With nowhere left to go, we end on a televised exorcism which includes a musical number where Nielsen impersonates everyone from Michael Jackson to Elton John, badly. At least Linda Blair can take a joke as she playfully parodies herself as Nancy. All of the expected pea-spitting and head-spinning jokes remain faithfully intact, and as idiotic as it truly is, EXORCIST fans are sure to find some guilty pleasure in watching. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Jordan L (it) wrote: this movie works in such a slow pace and is so unpredictable it genuinely involves the viewer to be just as entranced and frightened as the little girl. this is a film that is confounded with constant discovery.

Charlie G (de) wrote: Slow moving story. Very boring. Lost interest in it.

Private U (jp) wrote: Excellent to see before going to Santorini lovely good 80s movies

Philip Z (us) wrote: This may have played differently during the 70s when the world was just coming out of the turbulent 60s, but to me, today, I find the protagonists to be a pack of sociopaths and the supposed uptight aristocratic squares being taken hostage by these long haired hippies have my full sympathy. They didn't ask to be intruded on, they don't like hearing their profane speech, and they don't take kindly to their rudely interrupting their weddings when they were not invited. I hated the hippies and I thought they weren't dealt with harshly enough. Treat Williams hints at the smarmy charm that he would later use to great effect in his later villain roles, and he's the most manipulative of the whole bunch. I wanted to see him get beaten by a mob or maybe by the soldiers he trolls when he visits the boot camp that Claude has been sent to. Maybe I just don't understand the hippie youth culture, and you know what, given what they're like in this movie, I think it's better left that way.

Kris C (br) wrote: Disappointing, but it has its moments.

Olivier B (it) wrote: Some twists are way too ridiculous, but not since Jurassic Park & The Lost World I enjoyed a dinosaur movie like that. And for once, the CGI of a very low budget is amazing.

Michael M (kr) wrote: Do you like The Lonely Island? You'll probably enjoy this movie. It's a fake music documentary about the rise-and-fall of a Bieber-esque popstar featuring tons of music that could have been perfectly at home in any of their digital shorts. Is it funny? Sure. Is it hilarious? Eh, not really. Is it clever? Kind of. Does Michael enjoy speaking in questions? Sometimes. Point is, it's an enjoyable enough film that breezes by very quickly but it never had any huge belly laughs for me. I was chuckling through the whole thing, but there weren't any moments that were that one moment that I will be thinking about and laughing at for the next three weeks. I enjoyed the premise, I loved the songs, and everyone involved is clearly having a lot of fun, but it's just not great. It's the type of thing I'd watch again if I wanted a fun time with some goofy songs, but probably not if I wanted to laugh a lot.