An outcast half-wolf risks his life to prevent a deadly epidemic from ravaging Nome, Alaska.

The film tells the touching story of an outcast half-wolf ignored by all that risks his life to prevent a deadly diphtheria epidemic that strikes the remote town of Nome, Alaska. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tusn F (gb) wrote: It had no structure, no real scares, only one disguisting needle play.

Aline C (us) wrote: voir pour les chansons originales

Colm M (gb) wrote: Not sure what this film was trying to achieve. It had a certain weird atmosphere that was engaging but it didn't follow through. Should have ended up a lot darker which seemed to be the direction it was going in. But it fell short of being a quirky comedy and it fell short of being a dark thriller/horror. It had the potential to be either!

Jason H (au) wrote: A realistic sense of awareness brought to you by both sides of the wall from the writers/artists and the authoritative figures/graffing opposition.

Lus Fernando B (fr) wrote: Eficaz ao transmitir a perspectiva e a posio destes jovens perante catstrofe poltica que foi o golpe militar de 1973. Em verdade, a amizade singular dos garotos uma interessante metfora da prpria poltica de Salvador Allende: igualitria, reformista e capaz de alterar as estruturas e rotinas dos cidados chilenos. Portanto, uma pena constatar que essa relao, a princpio to promissora e intensa, acabe sendo interrompida por uma fatalidade praticamente irreversvel. nfase para a bela fotografia e para a trilha sonora.

Florence (mx) wrote: The Bird People in China fala sobre um funcionrio japons (Mr. Wada) que convocado por sua empresa a ir para o interior da China em busca de pedras de jade (pedra ornamental tpica da China). Junto com ele vai um yakuza (Mr. Shen)que tem ligaes com sua empresa e aguarda as pedras como pagamento de uma dvida. Mal sabem que o que os aguarda uma jornada de autoconhecimento pelo corao da provncia de Yun Nan na China.

Bianca B (fr) wrote: really good story, but cheezy ending

Dave S (ag) wrote: Would hold its own in a double feature with "One from the Heart", assuming your theme was either movies about love or "impressive direction, but also kind of a colossal bummer". I can't even explain what sort of weird alchemy is at work here, but it manages to be a character driven piece where for a while you don't even realize how little you really know about the characters because you're so invested, then not much later you realize that you actually have been learning more about them than it seemed. Subtle and very controlled writing, performances, and set design all around.

Amal H (fr) wrote: Stylish revenge movie by traffaut.Without doubt a strong inspiration for Tarantino's Kill Bill.

Kent R (fr) wrote: Wish Robin Williams was still alive.

Matthew B (it) wrote: Horrible acting, horrible story, horrible movie. You don't even see any killing or anything "scary" until the last 15 minutes.