Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya

Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya

A Hindi Movie.

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Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya torrent reviews

soiic p (de) wrote: l'origine une excellente pice de thatre, l'arrive un film gentillet

Andruw F (ag) wrote: The first half sucks. It's stupid, annoying, and pointless. But towards the end of that half, the guy is FINALLY on his way to where he wants to go. And that's what the second half is. The guy got to where he wanted, and now the actual movie has started. That first half shouldn't have been very long, and the second half should have been the movie, because it's what the movie's about. Anyways, the second half was absolutely amazing. It's pretty much everything I love, and it's also really scary.

Cory T (it) wrote: In tandem with 'An American Werewolf in London', the transformation sequence in 'The Howling' is not quite as painstakingly excruciating and terrifying but it's within the proximity of impressive special effects from Rob Bottin. The chest inflates, the snout protrudes and the skin effervesces with hair. However, the end result is a shaggy muskrat that is more mangy and unkempt than goosebump-inducing. Such is the case for most of 'The Howling', a kitschy, obnoxiously winking B-picture that attempts to spoof self-help gurus but the satire is hokily ill-advised with this dross. A female werewolf in the newsroom squelches tensile-wire tension because the prosthetic is insufferably adorable and sublethal. Likewise the reaction shots from the viewing publics (a nuzzling couple, a Spanish cashier, etc.) are ridiculously tongue-in-cheek and plagiarized directly from a Zucker Bros. farce. Also I apologize for my lack of sophistication but I've never been an acolyte of Harryhausen stop-motion animation and a few frames of baying wolves is truly atrocious.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Ok film same thing over and over again Now though, No real plot but it's funny in places.

Paty B (mx) wrote: this was a good movie but the people in the snowglobe were dumb

Rink S (gb) wrote: Well it starts out ok but this movie is not scientific. It uses things it does sell as facts or scientific that if you are informed are simply not true. So this movie does mix science with esotheric things and thus does give the impression this would all be facts. And this is something I don't like.

Graham M (nl) wrote: The film draws attention to an issue oft-overlooked to Westerners - forced female circumcision - and gives an upbeat message about resistance of tradition. It's slow paced but stays interesting and gives an insider's look into life inside an African village.

Cee M (ru) wrote: eh...this was alright...i got it cause i like casey was kinda depressing..good ending i guess..prob wont watch again.

Kelli S (us) wrote: Charlie is brilliant but personally dissapointing.

Cooper H (jp) wrote: Blade II's plot is almost nonexistent but Del Toro manages to salvage parts of the movie thanks to the action, pretty good CGI, and another good outing by Wesley Snipes.

Stefan S (jp) wrote: the greatest disney movie ever made for sure!

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: On the evidence of the films that I have seen, the general output of Studio Ghibli is incredibly consistent and varied. My Neighbours the Yamadas was the first from the studio to be animated 100% digitally but it looks unique when placed next to other Ghibli films, the animation style is interesting if not completely immersive, which incidentally is the only real problem here. Ghibli films are at their best when they combine their stylistic eccentricities with great depth in the characters, this doesn't really have that so although it is sporadically very funny there isn't the same kind of warmth as Ghibli's best work. Still well worth a look.

Brinn O (fr) wrote: a lot of excess crap? Yes. a lot of Hilarity about half way through? Heck yes!

Michael W (au) wrote: Reform school for young girls that appears more like a prison. Wendy O appears well-weathered for a juvenile, while Danning looks Ilsa-like in an insignificant role. Better value in a straight WIP film rather than this parody.

Annette P (ru) wrote: What can I say Im n Elvis Fan

Rick B (fr) wrote: Tense, witty, well scripted and well cast, this movie surprised me with its effective psychological themes and excellent story. It had me on the edge of my seat; not an easy feat for a movie that mostly relies on its dialogue for its most gripping and intense moments.

Andrew C (gb) wrote: Perhaps the biggest crime of "Be Cool" is that it isn't nearly as good as its predecessor "Get Shorty". However, in its favor: a huge cast of all-stars, a witty writing style and characters we fell in love with in the first installment. Vince Vaughn hilariously steals the show from John Travolta (who is still great as Chili Palmer), Uma Thurman & The Rock make great additions and Cedric the Entertainer displays a surprising skill at acting; a better-than-you've-heard film coming from the mind of Elmore Leonard. 11/19/9

Phil K (us) wrote: Some laughs.. some groans. Has its moments.

Karthikeyan D (ru) wrote: A chaotic mess of mindless of violence, CIA stuff and "Ultra" agent .... i want 90 mins of my life back !