The story revolves around childhood sweethearts Majeed (Mammootty) and Suhra (Isha Talwar). Born to rich parents, Majeed falls in love with his not-so-affluent neighbor Suhra. After her father's death, when Suhra struggles to make both ends meet, Majeed pleads with his father to sponsor her education. Refused, he wanders off to distant lands. This is based on a 1944 novel of the same name by Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

Balyakalasakhi is a 2014 Malayalam romantic musical drama film written and directed by debutant Pramod Payyannur based on the 1944 novel of the same name by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Balyakalasakhi torrent reviews

Vuk M (br) wrote: A great piece of theatre put on film. loved it!

Anthony P (de) wrote: Could have been better than it was, but it was nothing but a bore.

Marilee A (jp) wrote: Not Bad, but not good either.Chris Messina as Theo, a guy who doesn't possess the Monogamy Gene & has no business being engaged to get married.When his Girlfriend (Rashida Jones) is in the Hospital, he doesn't answer the phone, is stalking someone else, & barely makes time to see Nat in the Hospital.I think as a Female who's been there, I was disgusted, therefore he did a great job in this role

Alyssa R (ru) wrote: it wasn;t too good. sorry.

Ian C (kr) wrote: I would have prefered to be trapped in one of Jigsaws games than have sat through this. The story gets more and more ridiculous. Thank fuck I have just one more left to watch.

Tim C (es) wrote: both masami and mokomichi look good in the movie.... but bad directing

George B (de) wrote: The main character in this movie has so much good happen to him. But so much bad happens until it cancels the good out and he barely breaks even in his life. In that sense, this movie reminds me of my life...

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Mitsy L (kr) wrote: If nothing else is on, I'll watch it.

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Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.