Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?

Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?

Mad-Magazine styled parodies of beloved Christmas stories and their characters by star talent Bam Margera (JACKASS, MTV's Viva La Bam) and a parade of special guests.

Mad-Magazine styled parodies of beloved Christmas stories and their characters by star talent Bam Margera (JACKASS, MTV's Viva La Bam) and a parade of special guests. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa? torrent reviews

Bront Y (nl) wrote: This was an unexpectedly sweet indie film. A friend and I found it on netflix and we were pleasantly surprised. The acting was great, and there were a lot of random people in it, so it made it more interesting to watch.

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Laura G (ru) wrote: Surprisingly sweet. Not very funny, but it has some "aww" moments! Being Irish meself, it didn't boad well how they protrayed current-day Ireland; I took away half a star for it. It wasn't even filmed in Ireland, it was filmed in Scotland. The singing was amazing, however. Ana Friel has a nice voice.

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Cresswell S (it) wrote: loser find million dollars cash. Not bad, not shitty either

Jeff R (fr) wrote: Scarecrows is one of the best horror flicks that I have seen interesting fact though it took me awhile to locate this film and it was worth the wait.

Mark A (ag) wrote: A not so steamy bedroom romp, starring a young Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey and Jennifer Connelly as college sweethearts who spend Christmas vacation at her family home in Montreal. Immediately on arrival, Gaby (Connelly) tells Michael (Dempsey) that she doesn't love him anymore. Her two sisters then try him on for size, but it is granny, who mistakes him for her long dead husband (also named Michael) that steals his heart. Lots of 80's hair, a father who is writing a book in the nude and assorted other eccentrics populate this manor house, but in the end, the story was pretty lame. This viewer kept hoping it would at least rise to the level of camp, but unfortunately, it never quite made it. Recommended for hardcore Patrick Dempsey fans only and only if one desparately wants to see what he would look like as a wet behind the ears twenty-something with the acting chops woefully underdeveloped. Watch Belle Epoque for a much more entertaining treatment of a man choosing between multiple sisters.

Javor B (nl) wrote: A serious, realistic and original film featuaring a terrific performance by Bob Hoskins.

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Ty N (nl) wrote: Sally Field's performance left a place in my heart along with the amazing supporting cast.

Jeff Z (jp) wrote: A good sequel to the original classic.

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Orlok W (de) wrote: Grainy, Gritty And A Great Story--Love, Crime, Disappointments & Dreams!!

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