Bambi II

Bambi II

Return to the forest and join Bambi as he reunites with his father, The Great Prince, who must now raise the young fawn on his own. But in the adventure of a lifetime, the proud parent discovers there is much he can learn from his spirited young son.

Bambi II is a Disney animation film revolves around the story when he meets his father again. Bambi now has to find ways to grow under the rigorous training of his father - who is a brave prince. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sophia F (ag) wrote: 2 out of 5. Not so good. Had potential but was just blah... Nice house and architecture though.

Kyle L (es) wrote: Seconds Apart is one of the best After Dark Originals since Husk and Prowl along with 51. I just have one word to say about this film and that is wow it's such a big surprise and I seriously like this movie a lot because it has all of the elements of a Horror movie. Seconds Apart is a really strong and powerful Horror movie from first time Director Antonio Negret and this is one of the best After Dark Films since Husk. The plot of this film is simple. This movie is about two twins name Seth and Jonah who both have a special power filled with horrendous effects in which they made a group of football players play Russian Roulette which leads to they're deaths. As more of they're classmates die in gruesome ways Detective Lampkin investigates the involvement of the twins and soon Seth and Jonah no longer trust each other and when two evils collide the gruesome rampage is sure to escalate. I seriously like this movie and it is the best among all of the After Dark films and it has some nerves and style. What's great about Seconds Apart is that the film is really full of originality and this movie seriously has the originality since Husk and Prowl and I like the idea of this movie a lot so far. What I like about Seconds Apart is that the film is really atmospheric and the movie is also full of filtered, washed and colored cinematography on certain parts. The opening scene where the four players play Russian Roulette is gory and atmospheric and I like the atmosphere in that scene and it's not only an atmospheric scene but it is also a gory scene and the way the four players kill they're selves is just gory and disturbing at the same time and the use of the atmosphere in that scene is just great and it makes the movie look good and I like how the atmosphere was used in that part so far and it makes the movie look atmospheric so far while I like most of the scenes where the washed, filtered and colored cinematography is used on certain parts and I like how Antonio Negret uses the atmosphere in this movie so far and unlike Husk which lacks the atmosphere Seconds Apart has all of the atmosphere and the washed, filtered and colored cinematography just makes the movie look better so far. What I also like about this movie is the creepy twins. The twins in this movie are super creepy and pure evil and scary at the same time. The way they brush they're teeth, comb they're hair and wear the same outfits is just creepy and these two twins seriously creep me out ever since I saw they're performances in Rest Stop 1 and 2 even they're parents are creepy in this movie as well so far but the twins are super creepy from what I can tell in the film so far. The other things I like about Seconds Apart is that the film also has a lot of suspenceful moments. The scene where Detective Lampkin sees his house on fire and he sees his wife and he tries to save her is just suspenceful and intense so far while the rest of the scenes in this movie are just great so far. What I also like about Seconds Apart is that the film is also full of gory and disturbing death scenes. And I like the idea of the death scenes in this film because most of the death scenes are really atmospheric and really cinematographic from the first death scene until the last. The opening scene where the football players play Russian Roulette is one of the most disturbing death scenes in the film and the most atmospheric part of the movie and the way they play Russian Roulette is just creepy and gory as well. The scene where the principal of the school dies by cutting his artery due to the guinea worm is one of the most atmospheric parts of the film and the nastiest death scene in the film since the opening scene of the movie. Katie's death was disturbing as well plus the washed, filtered and colored cinematography is used well in that scene so far and I like how the cinematography was used in that scene so far. While the flashback scene where the babysitter kills herself by eating some shattered glass is one of the most disgusting parts of the film so far and the cinematography is also well used in the film. Now the acting is great the performances of Edmund and Gary Entin is just great and they're both creepy so far with they're performances in the movie is great as well so far even the actor who played Detective Lampkin is great as well with his performance in the movie so far. Director Antonio Negret handled his work really well with this movie so far and I'm hoping to see more of his future works in the future as well so far. Overall Seconds Apart gets a 10/10 because this movie has all of the things everyone needs for a Horror movie and it is the best After Dark film ever made since Husk, 51 and Prowl.

Smith Y (mx) wrote: A great ironic movie by Jiang Wen

Otto L (gb) wrote: a good movie for anyone who has felt the same kind of frustration as the protagonist of this film.. the movie's got some similarities with Before Sunrise but the characters don't have the same appeal.. good.. but not excellent

Anthony I (fr) wrote: What a beautiful movie. The best foreign language movie I've seen since "Life is Beautiful". This is highly controversial but incredibly effective in its efforts to discuss the issues between Israel and Palestine. It also gives us an insight on suicide bombing in such a unique perspective, which nobody would have ever given the time of day after 9/11. Everything is almost perfect.

Eli K (kr) wrote: This movie has not aged particularly well.

Dave H (es) wrote: I prefer the sequel (it's better paced and more consistent), but this is comedy-adventure gold, and one of my favourite all-time Westerns. Anachronistic as hell, but the leads (and the horse) have enormous chemistry, and both the OTT visual and wry verbal gags hit more often than not.

Raw P (jp) wrote: Aside from Candy, the characters were annoying, lacked humor and was just annoying to watch. I couldn't wait for it to end.

Brandon S (jp) wrote: Hiruko the Goblin is a crazy horror film from Japan that revolves around a demon that is awakened during an archiological dig by a school. Of course all hell breaks loose and the demons must be put away, good effects and the camerawork is well done. The main problem is the film really doesn't offer much in the scary department and filled with out of place music.

Scott C (ag) wrote: Came out around the same time as 'The Abyss' and 'Deep Star Six'. The Abyss was great. Deep Star Six was trashy, but kinda fun. This was just bad.

Niamh K (de) wrote: This is thee most disturbing thing I've ever seen in my life. I was still thinking about it days later, and the worst part is, it could really happen. In the 80's kids were genuinely afraid of this sort of thing, and now I can see why. Very good, but very eerie.

Roy N (kr) wrote: I like Roger Moore, and i like this movie, is a good "anit-Bond" movie, he likes cats and dislikes women, the movie rides on Moore's charm, becuase other than that it's pretty much a made-for-TV-movie type affair.

Matt G (kr) wrote: Another masterpiece by Cassavetes. Guy was ridiculous.

Cha D (au) wrote: I don't really know how I ended up watching this movie, but all I kept thinking was "that lady needs to put a shirt on", so I may have missed the point

LOUIS J (ca) wrote: This has got to be one of the greatest musicals i have ever seen.

Geraint O (us) wrote: Sunday afternoon fare of the best order. Depiction of a time period of WWII not often looked at in film.

jason l (jp) wrote: Don't let the naysayers fool you and try to tell you this was a pointless film with no plot. This movie is actually the sequel to Caddyshack after the groundskeeper Carl Spackler makes it big with his acting career.That being said, this is a pointless film with a plot that I couldn't dislike more. Alternate title: The Struggle of White People in a Non-English-Speaking Country.

Najd G (ca) wrote: I'm a Will Forte fan, but this isn't his best work. While I counted 4 or 5 authentic laugh-out-loud moments, most of the movie was filled with over-the-top crass dialogue. Some of it felt so forced that I wonder if the movie was made just because there had been a lot of these crude ideas that would've never been appropriate to air on SNL, and they needed an outlet to purge their most lewd ideas.

Guido S (gb) wrote: It's becoming clear to me, Rodriguez doesn't do well when he goes back for sequels. Spy Kids, Machete, and El Mariachi all seem to get worse with each installment. Anyways, El Mariachi is back, though he seems like he isn't in the movie as much as he should be. There is a near identical scene to open the film with Johnny Depp doing what Buscemi did in the previous film. Depp is a welcome addition, but this film felt like they tried to do too much with this movie, when the previous films worked on their simplicity. There are some great set pieces, like Hayek and Banderas swinging down from a building chained up, but other wise, this film felt like it was hit hard from sequel-itis. It tries too hard to one up everything and up the stakes, that it forgets to make a good movie in the process.

Michael H (ca) wrote: The bones of a good movie are here, supported by a few tasty performances, a savory score, and the delightful confection of credibly period accurate (though a bit overly flambed) sets. Sadly, the hearty bones and tasty toppings are unfulfilled by the undercooked meat. The courses are served at too slow a pace, and the most interesting and tasty ingredients are dispensed with early on. The result is a longing for desert to be served rather than enjoyment of the meal in front of us. And the desert is a bit of a let down.