Two girls meet on the Internet. Veronica and Cecilie are carrying different stories, but they have a common goal: To disappear. They meet up and go on a weekend trip to Veronica's hyper ...

Two girls meet on the Internet. Veronica and Cecilie are carrying different stories, but they have a common goal: To disappear. They meet up and go on a weekend trip to Veronica's hyper ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David W (jp) wrote: Korean historical action movie that can't decide weather to be a samurai movie or a wu xia, but being neither comes off as pretty weak tea. Also, I was not that into any of the main characters, except for Cha Seung-weon as Lee Mong-Hak, whose a good villain. Mostly, it's a lot of silly hats...

Anna B (mx) wrote: Better than I was expecting, though it is still pretty loaded with its fair share of Sundance-indie-movie bullshit. The biggest problem is probably with the casting; Gordon-Levitt is comically wrong for the part, his scrawny little frame and dopey tattoos and wig are not threatening at all, and Portman just looks like a movie star hiding behind frumpy glasses and clothes, though she gives a decent performance. But I did find some emotional resonance, and it's quite good in the times when it transcends its shortcomings.

Tracey W (jp) wrote: Better than I thought it would be, but not amazing. Worth maybe one watch.

Matt C (au) wrote: Quite beautiful and sad film about the changes to one family- Grandmother, Mother and Daughter- an apparently well-meant deception makes. Superb dialogue, acting and production, another one to keep an eye out for.

Movie K (es) wrote: Just another adaptation to the classic story but in cartoon form. Luckily it is short in run time. The whole movie seems slow and dull and the animation didn't look impressive.

Tanner B (br) wrote: Erin Brockovich (2000) ??Story of real life Erin Brockovich, who talked her way into a job at a law firm, began an investigation on her own initiative and played a key role in a pollution suit that cost Pacific Gas & Electric a $333 million settlement, which became one of the biggest environmental crimes in history. Great story is never compelling thanks to feeble character development, unconvincing supporting characters, and a jarring lack of focus and energy. Julia Roberts' performance is indeed worth an Oscar, but it's hard to forget it IS a performance (it's always Roberts, not Brockovich, and unwise wardrobe decisions position her character somewhere between a caricature and a distraction.) This sort of thing was far more compelling in the movie A CIVIL ACTION. Available on Netflix.

Simon W (nl) wrote: This is a sexy fucking movie. Never used to look at Elisabeth Shue in this light but man is she sex on legs in this. A great little Noir black comedy

Scott R (es) wrote: a light charming flick

Dorianator F (jp) wrote: Very good movie. Very sad and realistic for an old fashioned silent film. It was brilliantly made and ahead of it's time. I couldn't think of one thing wrong with the film.

Mike S (au) wrote: Terrible piece of film making. This movie should have never been made. Too forced, very little laughs, and Carrey and Daniels are old as sin. Do not recommenced.

Robert M (de) wrote: All three films, beautifully crafted. It can be easily said why this was such a popular series. Sam and Frodo finally make it to Mount Doom to destroy the ring, but with Gollum along there path, things get more complicated. Meanwhile, war against Middle Earth has broken out. The battle against 10,000 Orcs was just the beginning. Battles are bigger, but the hero's become stronger. Overall, I probably wouldn't consider this series a favorite much, but I would honestly consider it the most well made series and most well made group of movies ever. The ending very well shows what this world really needs. Almost three and a half hours, but it moves along very nicely for a film of such length.

Allan C (gb) wrote: This is a film that's grown on me over the years. When it first came out I enjoyed it, but was not overly impressed. It's essentially a standard buddy cop action flick, but with an alien as the new unwanted partner. James Caan plays the alien hating detective and Mandy Patinkin plays his new alien partner. The story is exactly the same an any other buddy cop film of the 80s you've seen, with probably every cliche in place. The filmm uses the aliens as a metaphor for race, with the newcomers being given all the rights of humans, but at the same time are discriminated against, live in their own impoverished communities and are generally held in contempt by humans. Rewatching the film and now that buddy cop films are less common, I'm more nostalgic and less critical of the cliches, which help to make me like it more, but more importantly, I think the richness and thought out elements of the alien newcomers was something I didn't appreciate as much the first time around. Most of the time you have these sorts of genre mashups, there is only one alien and not an entire race with their own community. It's this well thought out backstory and mythology of the aliens that likely led to the subsequent TV series, comics, book and cult following. There's a good supporting case that includes Terrence Stamp as a wealthy newcomer, Peter Jason as a newcomer-hating cop, and Brian Thompson as a big scary newcomer in one scene. Director Graham Baker does an adequate job directing the film's action, but the behind the came star is cinematographer Adam Greenberg, who makes the film look way more better than you'd expect. A solid bit of sci-fi that is well worth watching.