Bamboo Gods and Iron Men

Bamboo Gods and Iron Men

The Jefferson’s honeymoon night in Hong Kong will be troubled by a number of people wishing to get hold of a Bouddha statuette that the husband offered her when window-shopping that day. When the going gets rough, it helps that Cal Jefferson is a top American boxer.

The Jefferson's honeymoon night in Hong Kong will be troubled by a number of people wishing to get hold of a Bouddha statuette that the husband offered her when window-shopping that day. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheryl C (au) wrote: Totally inspiring! Gives you a craving ...

Adam L (kr) wrote: Something of a cool mess "Exiled" is director Johnnie To's highly anticipated reunion with the principle cast (Francis Ng, Anthony Wong, Roy Cheung, Lam Suet) from 1999's "The Mission." The net result is a bloated bag of poor decisions: "Exiled" mixes strong performances with pretentious passages of direction (not unlike To's own slightly superior "A Hero Never Dies"). The script is basically in deference to the Old West set in modern day Macau and is fun for a while but when To ultimately fails to do much with it you begin to wonder if supporting the industry on its shoulders has finally taken a toll on the scriptwriters at Milkyway Image.

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Allan C (jp) wrote: Clearly influenced by "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", this film is sadly lacking the emotional underpinnings that were present in Altman's classic. It's always nice to see Milla Jovovitch do something besides subpar horror/sci-fi flicks and the film is elegantly filmed by director Michael Winterbottom, who does a nice job of creating sense of place with a rich atmosphere in the snowy frontier town. Still, it's the lack of emotional depth that holds the film back. Loosely based on Thomas Hardy's "The Mayor of Casterbridge."

George I (au) wrote: When I first saw this twenty-three years ago, I wasn't sure i was watching a kung fu movie. Quite different, tonally, from what I was used to at the time.

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Kristian A (jp) wrote: One of my all time faves. Check It

kari l (ca) wrote: one word: funny as hell

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Aaron W (fr) wrote: Neat flick with nice performances. The story wanders and reaches in several places, but still intrigues.