Bamboo in Winter

Bamboo in Winter

Choi returns from Chinese university to her village, wondering where the government will place her and what her life will be. She looks forward to the Preacher coming to the village and hopes he brings a miracle for her Grandma, who is ill. The cadre, the wealthiest and most influential man in the village intends to marry Choi, who says she is waiting to fall in love with someone younger and "whose ego is a bit less fed". When the preacher arrives he passes out sheets of paper to the villagers, who eagerly welcomed him. Choi takes Grandma to the Preacher's evening meeting, where he teaches them from his Bible. Choi finds herself wondering if this Bible can provide more insight on life than the evolutionary teachings from university. Cadre is seen observing the meeting from the outside. Choi's Father's Flashback of his Dreams: He and his wife are being beaten until they confess to some unnamed act.

Choi returns from Chinese university to her village, wondering where the government will place her and what her life will be... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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