Ban jin ba liang

Ban jin ba liang

Private Eyes revolves the characters in a private detective agency headed by Wong Yuk-See (Michael Hui) with two employees, a stuttered, easily bullied Pighead (Ricky Hui) and secretary/...

Private Eyes revolves the characters in a private detective agency headed by Wong Yuk-See (Michael Hui) with two employees, a stuttered, easily bullied Pighead (Ricky Hui) and secretary/... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carolyn H (mx) wrote: Quite good, quite sad - brad and marion never get their due, but they are both very very gifted actors.

Michael Q (ca) wrote: A sightly difficult watch with a good cast. I found it a difficult watch to really enjoy

Jason E (ru) wrote: This movie if you can even call it that has to be one of the worst movies Iv ever seen terrible in every department nothing works at all

Frances H (fr) wrote: I enjoyed all of the four Dragon Tattoo movies (one US and three Swedish) just as much as I did the books. Fascinating--books and movies.

Cheryl L (ca) wrote: A bit boring and couldn't see parts of the film as it was too dark.

Federico F (es) wrote: Modesto thriller, con solite incursioni horror, che tiene desta l'attenzione barando sulla logica

Tony B (mx) wrote: I love the book this is based on.

Martin T (nl) wrote: A French Legionnaire sergeant stationed in Djibouti feels threatened by the presence of a strapping new recruit. An unusual film with a free-form narrative, and homoeroticism damn near as blatant as Un chant d'amour. Galoup's sexuality is clear as the camera (plainly meant to represent his gaze) lingers on the glistening shirtless bodies of young men enduring rigid, and almost balletic, training routines. His repression is clear through numerous scenes and symbols of alienation and separation. The film certainly has a striking beauty to it at times, but Claire Denis often seems to be belaboring the point. It's like an exercise to see how many overt homoerotic images can she cram in there without just coming out and saying it. The guy is gay, get it? But if you don't mind the languid repetitiveness of it, it can be an interesting experience.

Jc E (de) wrote: Buns and boobs galore in this tasteless comedy. The shocking thing is to see an actress of such high stature who commanded the highest pay at her peak, Demi Moore was actually in the centre of all the action in a strip club strutting her stuff and baring nearly all. Emancipated Demi and her pride and urgency to show off her boobs and buns to the world must have clouded her judgement on taking on movie that is befitting of her stature. A rambunctious congressman Burt Reynolds was the only bright spark in this picture that made watching the movie bearable. One good lesson to all parents who worry that their children may not approve their jobs is to not do them.

Natalie C (au) wrote: Not bad movie keep u on ur toes.

Kelly K (mx) wrote: This was a film I have thought about watching for some time, but often decided not to. I was not impressed or disappointed. I was not touched or disgusted. It was simply interesting, and slow paced. The emotions run deep. The drama is a bit strong at times. But the acting was brilliant throughout.

Adam R (gb) wrote: I don't understand the love for it. The pacing is awful. It's so dry that it feels like you are watching nothing at times. It does seem to have the right look, but is too boring to appreciate. (First and only viewing - 12/10/2010)

Micke B (es) wrote: knns som om denna film frsker vara mycket mer n den klarar av. en drm om en trippad amerikansk roadmovie lr s..massa konstiga karaktrer och scener. men lite charmig stundtals. ingen hjdare dock.

Jonny W (ag) wrote: It's already just a little short compared to many other films, which is not surprising considering its budget, but considering how uneventful it was, it should have been much shorter. And while I like the idea of a relationship between a male and female where they don't just magically fall in love, it was not enough to make this a good film. The music is good, but it's overshadowed by the monotony of the story itself. It's incredibly predictable, so watching it becomes boring after 15 minutes or so. I'm amazed at how many people liked the film and I have a feeling it's simply because it was a low-budget indie film. But I can't criticize a person for liking something, I guess.I'd say the best thing about the film is how they approach the musical aspect of it. It's mixed into the story rather than forced into the story like many classic musicals.And I just can't help but point out that it took about 30 minutes for me to really know what the characters look like. There's a serious lack of close-ups that led to me hardly caring about the story. This is a fundamental error that is overlooked for reasons I cannot understand.I'm utterly amazed that this film is as favored among critics as "The Dark Knight" and other fantastic films. It does not seem nearly as well thought-out as "The Dark Knight," so it's either an accidental masterpiece (that doesn't even have close-ups), or it's extremely overrated.

Zoltan C (nl) wrote: Great adventure flick!

Sameer K (au) wrote: Incredible. One of the most creative movies I've ever seen.

Keegan F (mx) wrote: It hilariously bizarre but still good

Andy F (us) wrote: Haven't seen this for 25 years! Not quite as silly as you'd think, but it is still quite silly!