Banana Joe

Banana Joe

Bud Spencer plays Banana Joe, a brawny yet friendly man who lives in a small rainforest village called Amantido with a huge number of his own children and regularly delivers bananas to a South American river port (hence his name). One day, the henchmen of a local gangster boss named Torsillo come ashore in Amantido to initiate the construction a banana processing plant. Of course, Joe (in typical direct-approach manner) evicts the goons, who promptly return to their boss. Torsillo finds out that Joe is trading bananas without a license and decides to exploit it. Upon his next delivery, Joe is apprehended by the police and given the choice of either acquiring a legal license or getting his boat taken away and himself arrested for illegal shipment. Joe travels to the nearest city, which to him is a new world, as he grew up in the rainforest.

A man is living happily on an island with his family, growing bananas. When a local mobster with an eye on man's property tries to take it from him, he must go to the town for the first time to get some help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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michael b (br) wrote: often concidered one of the worst movies of alltime, fuck that I love it!

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Rosario G (ag) wrote: Driller Killer is yet another guilty pleasure of mine when it comes to cinema. This slasher was Ferarra's debut in 1979. It was aloof enough from the conventional exploitation slasher to define a name of its own, and eventually lead Ferarra to directing such masterpieces as the unflinching "Bad Lieutenant" with Harvey Keitel at its best hardly a decade later.With its often inventive, raw and unpolished cinematography, idiosyncratic editing and sound design, along with its loosely tied story--an intimate look into struggling art culture, punk culture, and NY bum culture. Add all around competent acting, especially from Ferarra himself who is as capable a rabid actor as he his a director, and this public domain exploitation flick should spell "underrated" instead of "unrated" on its cover.What makes me consider Abel was much more... "able" and intelligent in his approach to this so-called video nasty than many would imagine to give credit for is one particular segment where Reno's art dealer comments on his latest painting: "Where's the impact?! It's just a goddamn buffalo! This is nothing like your other work [...] Reno, the worst thing that can happen to a painter is happening to you, you're simply a technician!" Perhaps this is a cleverly translated self-reference Ferarra coded in as commentary on his own flick: "Abel, this is just a goddamn silly slasher! This is nothing like your other work will be, just a high-octane entertaining precursor to masterpieces which will follow. Abel, this is what they say the worst thing that can happen to you as a filmmaker... you're just a technician using your brush strokes to paint a senseless slasher flick! But I'm going to let it indulge in all of its self-absorbed gory glory." Abel knew the kind of film he was making, and its apparent self-aware nature helps it jump the genre's stiffest hurdle.It is exploitative, gory, unabashedly shameless and above all morally apprehensible in many ways. But the ease in which it is executed--acted, directed and pieced together--puts it on a pedestal to where it can easily laugh at its gory exploitation peers like the sick joke without a punchline "Cannibal Holocaust," modern examples like the "Saw" franchise, and even earlier exploitation "classics" as "Blood Feast." I dare say it even supersedes other low budget trashy horror cult classics as "The Evil Dead." Filled with self-aware glaring flaws, Driller Killer is a scatter-shot film. It is miles from cinematic perfection, but God I freakin' love it for its oddball merits, and it marks the debut of a historically important director.

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Vickie T (nl) wrote: I remember seeing this movie as a kid. Loved it then!

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FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: 85%"Tonight is the night for your embrace, your first, we shall share your experience."-Vampire (Louise Dhour)Out of Rollin's films, this is in my top five.

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David M (ag) wrote: Written and directed by the creator of Mr. Robot, here there is none of the narrative trickery that saves Robot from the diatribes against capitalism and society that while viscous and full of passion could also be sophomoric without the right finesse. And then there's Comet. A boy meets girl a few parallel universes over (for no reason other than pretentiousness) that, like most romantic films, has no story outside of the couple, so therefore is propelled by character and dialogue. By the time Justin Long (doing his damnedest, but playing the most insufferable undergrad philosopher and passive aggressive asshole) is told by Emmy Rossum (adds real weight to an obtuse character) that she doesn't want to have a meta argument about arguments in the middle of their argument... you will only sigh and agree. Stick to Mr. Robot.

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