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Banaras torrent reviews

Paul B (mx) wrote: Surprisingly emotional and with more depth of character than your average kids movie. Grown ups can shed a tear or twenty on this film without feeling the least bit embarassed.

Jim F (gb) wrote: I was a little disappointed with this documentary. The build up was detailed and informative. But the actual footage was lacking. There were snippets of footage which were then broken down and replaced by studio staged close ups foot to ball, or ball to post. No sequence was allowed to be viewed in it's entirety. I expected talking heads, but there was none. Ok, i understand this was a cinematic version of the book "All Played Out" so it did come across as more of a narrative with artistic measure. Lots of footage of Bobby Robson also which alerted me to the fact that everybody now really says very little for fear of saying the wrong thing. Robson came across as quite out spoken compared to todays managers.

Kwstas S (de) wrote: likeeeeeeee...............ok

Rob F (it) wrote: A quiet and sad film. An old man seeking to make up for his past mistakes with his family and a small emotionally scarred girl trying to find something in life other than abuse from her mother journey together to find "blue skies". It has some comments about Japan's social welfare conditions but it really is more of a personal message film. Some scenes can be heart-breaking as you realize just how emotionally damaged this man and girl are and how desperately they want to heal themselves.

Darren H (nl) wrote: The film yearns for the carefree, uncomplicated life of a floating balloon. I yearn for my Playstation. Next.

Tyler R (fr) wrote: Everything Is Illuminated begins as an ethnic fish out of water comedy and ends with reflections and memory. It stars Elijah Wood as Jonathan he's a collector who collects family things. He is given a photograph by his grandmother which has his grandfather with another woman. The woman is named Augustine and she saved Jonathan's grandfather's life during World War II. So Jonathan flies to the Ukraine to find this woman and find out more about how she saved his grandfather's life. With the help of a goofy tour guide named Alex played by Eugene Hutz. Alex's grandfather who is a driver who claims he's blind is played by Boris Leskin who has a seeing eye dog who grows to love Jonathan. The journey starts out funny but then halfway through the grandfather decides to take a short cut and then the journey becomes enlightened and well like the title suggests Everything Is Illuminated which all the secrets are out. This movie is really well done. The movie begins as a comedy and it's good that it does to get us ready for the dark places it goes in the later half of the movie. The movie begins goofy, gets dark and when it ends we are unexpectedly touched by the events we've just seen. This is a touching movie with great performances and a great script

Wendy D (us) wrote: t's not really a bad movie, it entertains and has moments of true genius to be taken into account when evaluating it. The beginning of the film is masterful. Now, you have too many bad things to tildarla masterpiece, not even noticeable. It is an excessive film, with some dialogue that stretch to boredom; there are characters that say nothing and yet they talk and talk, taking time from the real protagonists of the film. Both character without interest, both hollow dialogue, do not advance the story and the characters in the film do not have more than two or three scenes to show off.

will t (jp) wrote: The most subtly disturbing film I've ever seen. It's also fresh for the same reason. Throughout the movie, I just had this pit in my stomach because i was so disturbed by the men's behavior, but the confusing part is that you don't really see any of this on screen. The film is a collection of conversations that simply imply supremely anti social behaviors. But by not explicitly showing these things, it makes it seem much more implicitly horrifying. I would also argue that placing these conversations in everyday places, the office, the bathroom, restaurants, etc. makes the whole thing slightly uneasy since nothing sinister meets the eye. It's all in the dialogue. Great film.

Fong K (ca) wrote: viewed on 24/8/04 (Tues)I can still remember vividly that I was terrified by the scene of Medusa. Her head of snakes and that green glow from the eyes. I saw the trailer and the promo pictures at the old Orchard theatre and they scared the hell out of me. I have always see this movie as a horror movie. Of course, when I watch it now, the SFX (more like a stop-motion effects) is so chessy that it is rather laughable. Talking about overcoming your childhood scar. That chessy special effects run through the movie. The dialogue is also very chessy. But still the entertainment value is very high. Not a dull moment. Seeing them so painstakingly create those larger-than-life visual effects, I wish they had the contemporary computer wizardry. It won't be a bad idea at all if they remake the movie now. I am sure it will be a hit.Rating: B