Bandalheira Infernal

Bandalheira Infernal

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Bandalheira Infernal 1976 full movies, Bandalheira Infernal torrents movie

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Bandalheira Infernal torrent reviews

Ed C (ca) wrote: One line summary: Poor ghost story, poor as found film, poor as paranormal.--------------------------- Dan, Andy, and Michelle (Andy's girlfriend), decide to make a documentary about the real-life Typhoid Mary, and the final months of her life. They find some of the places where she stayed and met descendents of some of the people who knew her. They set up equipment to record events. Michelle, while alone, tries a seance, and this does not go well. Dan keeps seeing ghostly figures. At least at first Andy does not see them. There's a thread about the origin of modern psychotropic drugs; the film makers pursue this for their documentary. There is a thread about Michelle being possessed, and the consequences of this. Will any of the protagonists survive this encounter?-----Scores----- Cinematography: 2/10 There were handheld problems here and there. The fakery with the ghosts was just plain bad, and there was so much of it. Even the day light 'normal' scenes were de-colorized to look faked. Sound: 3/10 Annoying from beginning to end. It sounds dubbed. Acting: 0/10 Screenplay: 0/10 Hm, the usual for this type of film: no resolution in any thread. No 'moving on' for any of the ghosts, or whatever they are. No toe hold for logic or rational processes. Lack of exposition of motivations. No humour of any sort.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: I love Spider-Man butt heat. Andrew Garfield

Joshua W (kr) wrote: Ninja is one of those movies that are simply meant for the action. The action and fighting scenes are quite well done and I fairly enjoyed them. However, as a movie with a story this movie is a huge fail. The plot does not make any sense. The supposed american ninja travels from Japan to the US in order to prevent a weapon falling into the wrong hands more specifically his own rival Yakuza. It is never really explained what this weapons does or why it is important to get it. The characters are also hollow but I guess you shouldn't expect a deep character- story when watching a martial art movie. Acting is also quite bad and...who am I kidding?! This movie basically sucks and I have watched much better "ninja-movies" than this one. I hope people will forget about this failure of a movie.

Ian S (ag) wrote: This movie, although not fully accurate in historic terms, is still a masterpiece. The soundtrack is fantastic and obviously similar to that of the one in the renowned "pirates of the carribean" series. However, more than that, the camerawork is stunning. Whether it is a sweeping shot of the screaming citizens of Rome, or the hazy yet oddly focused picture of Maximus's flashbacks, the image is always absolutely breathtaking. Above that, the historical accuracies that do exist within the film elevate it above the typical cheesy ancient history movies. Whether it is the depiction of the brutal slave trade, close-up of the cruel nature of man to man combat, or the trap doors and hypogeum of the Roman Colosseum, it is impossible to deny their contributions to the quality of the film. Russell Crowe does a terrific job in an almost certainly career defining role, and joaquin phoenix is equally enthralling. The politics of the film are nicely balanced with the violence of the Colosseum, and viewers are never bored. Twists are abundant, and it follows no cheesy or cliche plot lines. Overall, it is a fantastic movie and well worth watching.

Jason M (br) wrote: A true gangster classic. Both Beatty and Dunaway are superb in this biographical account of the ruthless murderous couple. Just as impactful as it was back in 1967. It won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Tom S (es) wrote: Brando is in excellent form, he truly is a natural delivering a subtle yet intense performance. The story is good, its execution well done though it drags at some points making it feel longer than it actually is. This is a very innovative film regarding the subject matter and execution, definitely ahead of its time - the work of kazan has had a profund effect on cinema although watching this film today you may be left feeling that there is more to be desired.

Josh S (br) wrote: Knew what was going to happen before it happened.