A Bombay man dies in a car crash leading his wife and son to fend for themselves against their landlord who yearns to take over his farm. Was his death an accident or murder?

Deepak (Abhishek) and his wife Neeta (Geetanjali) along with their son decide to leave the chaotic city Bombay and move to the mountains. In the village they start farming and lead a happy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jovhanna M (br) wrote: I don't no how to download

Umair U (jp) wrote: Do NOT watch this movie unless you have nothing else to do in your life. Boring, pathetic story, lack of name it!

Ryan M (us) wrote: Nice kids based animated super hero film. I liked that Thor didn't have his god-like powers or Mjolner yet.

Sunil J (kr) wrote: Maybe a bit repetitive but it's funny and pretty interesting.

bill s (kr) wrote: There are some funny moments and the best parody comedy Niielson has made since the Naked Gun franchise but very forgettable quickly after watching.

Carl M (it) wrote: Crooked cops, domestic abuse, bigotry, and gang violence... Life ain't easy growing up in the hood, as three gang bangers are about to find out after they enter the funeral home of the sadistic Mr. Simms looking for their stolen loot. While there, Simms tells them the four horrifying tales surrounding the deaths of his most recent 'customers.' The first involves a political activist who returns from the grave to exact his revenge against the corrupt policemen that killed him. Up next, a young boy is left to defend himself against the monster living in his house when his parents and teachers don't believe his stories. When a racist politician moves into an old plantation, the ghosts of the past strike back using the bodies of the small slave dolls that were buried beneath the house. Finally, a hardcore gangster is given the chance to reform in prison, where he is faced with the ghosts of his victims during the extreme treatments.TALES FROM THE HOOD gives an urban edge to the horror anthology. The film weds the harsh realities of A Spike Lee Joint with the classic stylings of the EC comics. Although the moralistic overtone can be heavy-handed at times, the lessons learned are quite effective and extremely relevant to the times in which they were made. The stance against black-on-black crime that appears in the fourth installment bears far more weight that the other three, but each of the tales prove to be fun and exciting. Director Rusty Cundieff does a wonderful job bringing his script to the screen, and handles the anthology format with all the skill and precision of an Amicus picture. David Alan Grier joins the cast in a splendidly atypical performance as Carl "The Monster," and Clarence Williams is a ghoulish delight as the crazy-eyed caretaker. The special effects are top-rate for a film of its size, with major props going to the tiny terrors in the third short that can't help but recall miniature versions of the Zuni fetish doll from TRILOGY OF TERROR. Overall, TALES FROM THE HOOD is one of the best anthology features to come out of the 90's, and a real treat for Horror fans!-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

David S (fr) wrote: Slickly made but its simply too conventional and generic to provide the adequate thrills needed for it to be memorable. Simply an average thriller.

Stella D (it) wrote: an underseen 60s thriller from britain with terrific atmosphere and intelligent script. like 'night of the demon,' which the title is apparently meant to recall, the film involves a skeptical scientist's confrontation with supernatural powers... in this case, in the shape of his own wife. great use of minimal special effects in the rampaging eagle scene

J K (fr) wrote: Never heard of these guys, hence it must sucketh majorly.

Vasco M (gb) wrote: Gritty, sexy, and full of fluid, epic action sequences, this animated features just begs for its characters to be explored further. It's a Batman title, but Batman is the side attraction to the joy ride that is the Suicide Squad and their endeavours. Top notch voice acting, smooth animation, and the right chemistry all contribute to making Assault On Arkham the fine recipe it is.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good campy fun always fun to see rex harrison 'sing'!

Greg W (jp) wrote: awesome western and another review lost!!!!!!

Charlie G (jp) wrote: Amusing. Stupid in places.