Maharaj Brajbhan lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bharatpur, India along with his wife, Badi Rani, but have been unable to conceive for Bharatpur, and have no choice but to leave it's reigns with Brajban's widowed cousin, Vikram, and his son, Kanchan. When Vikram finds out that Badi Rani is pregnant, he plots to first sully her character by having her abducted, then shunned by the Maharaj, and then decides to have her killed. But her killer has a change of heart and lets her live. She gives birth to a son, names him Bhola, and starts living a simple lifestyle in a Mandir with the help of it's Poojary. Years later Vikram finds out she is alive and kills her, as well the Poojary and the Poojary's son. Bhola witnesses this, manages to escape, starts to live with a poor widow, grows up uneducated, and makes a living through crime.

Maharaj Brajbhan lives a wealthy lifestyle in Bharatpur, India along with his wife, Badi Rani, but have been unable to conceive for Bharatpur, and have no choice but to leave it's reigns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Domenic M (ru) wrote: Great movie!! I loved the '20-'30's cars and wardrobe. Great acting by Ben Affleck and cast. This is movie kept me watching and wanting more!! I recommend it!

Bhaskar P (fr) wrote: Wow. this was a funny movie. They took some memorable funny scenes from American pie and added their own twist to it. All parts of the movie were really funny.

Akin U (ru) wrote: one of the best movies that I've ever seen.. I strongly suggest.. Indian type of Amelie.. amazing soundtrack..

Andrea J (au) wrote: Full of indie potential, Goats seems to be driving at something deep and meaningful but as the credits roll the audience is left scratching their heads as to what the point of the whole film actually was.

Susanna K (fr) wrote: I was excited to see this movie after hearing Catherine talk about it but I was really let down after seeing it. I don't understand the point of the film even though what she said she wanted to achieve seems quite simple. Plus I did not like the male character. That does not mean I didn't like the actor's portrayal; it means simply what I said which is I did not like his character. He was really weak and bitchy which was really annoying.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 72% As an action film starring Vin Diesel, XXX is satisfactory. There are many plot holes in this film, but you should acknowledge the fact that you are watching an action film.

Mike G (de) wrote: Ryan showed exceptional talent in this movie! One of my favorites!

Jim F (br) wrote: I knew it. Drac played by the same actor that played conquistador Aguirre. Even under all that make up. But although i watched Aguirre with interest, this was quickly lost on me. Sorry all you hipsters, just because it's an old Werner Herzog dont mean it has to be something amazing. Trying to create the silent movie horror vibe. Would have worked were it 1925

Clay B (it) wrote: HELL IS FOR HEROES (1962)

Dan K (mx) wrote: "what does it matter? All is grace."

Patrick M (ru) wrote: What can I say?? I have a sense of humor like a 14 year old.. This movie really cracked me up.. it was a low budget type..skit movie with some really big names in it.. The Amazing Racist is always funny. I've been watching is youtube video's for over 10 years now.. he's just hilarious.. He cuts up every race.. even his own..I liked it though..I saw it free though on Netflix. so.. I don't know if I'd want to pay to rent it.. but it was ok for something to watch...

Steve D (it) wrote: My vote for the best silent film of all time. A great war story that surprising has non been Remade. Great acting for the time. a must see for movie buffs

Joey S (kr) wrote: A very weak and pretty boring 70s horror movie that tries to be atmospheric but doesn't do a good job at it. Burnt Offerings isn't worth a second glance, and there are tons of great 70s haunted house movies that are far superior to it.

solidity q (ca) wrote: Very difficult to follow.

Natasha A (br) wrote: Actually good film x